Seven considerations for buying toys for your baby

"Grandpa, I want that plane." "Mom, I want that electric train." "Dad, I want that toy gun." With many parents' financial ability, it is not difficult to buy a toy for a child, but how to When children choose the right toy, they have to think about it.
A good toy can not only inspire the child's intelligence, but also train various sensory functions such as touch, sight and smell, and at the same time stimulate the child's creativity. But if the parents aimlessly purchase the wide range of toys for the children, not only can not achieve the educational value, but children may develop bad habits, do more harm than good basis for early childhood development <br> <br> closest childhood companion game It’s a toy, but the toy is not much, but it’s too little. Because no matter what kind of situation, it may affect the development of children's mind, so when choosing a toy for children, you should first consider his physical and mental development, so the selected toys will really help the children.
Educational experts say that the various stages of the child and the appropriate toys can be roughly classified into several stages of development:
1. Supine period:
Children at this stage often lie in bed, do not turn over, and do not move, it is the period of training 'hearing' and 'visual'. Training the hearing toy focuses on the tone, sound quality and volume of the sound, such as: music clock, rattle, etc.; training visual toys should choose a harmonious color, simple shape, such as: ducklings, dolls and other dolls.
2. The period of time:
Children of about seven or eight months old are growing milk teeth and gums. They want to catch and want to bite when they see things. The choice of toys in this period should be made of non-toxic plastic or rubber, such as rubber dolls. Gummy bears, etc.
3, early childhood:
Can be divided into pre- and post-production. The early stage refers to children from one to three years old. At this stage, the children enter the 'to play with toys' from 'toys with me', so the toys can be selected to be able to sound, shine, fall, and be creative, such as: building blocks, will call Animal toys, etc. In the later period, it refers to children from three to five years old. During this period, children can move freely and freely, and begin to use imagination and thinking. Therefore, the toys that are brains are most suitable for them, such as: kneading clay, jigsaw puzzles, etc.
4. School age:
For children who are about to enter primary school or near elementary school, curiosity and imitation are particularly strong, and at the same time they have the concept of time and numbers. Therefore, we should try to choose inspiring, creative, and toys about numbers and time concepts, such as : Jigsaw, toy clock, etc.
Considerations when choosing toys for young children <br> There are a lot of toys on the market, and it is not easy for parents to choose suitable children from such a variety of different toys. Teacher Chen Fengqing said that when parents choose toys for their children, they should try to be considered from the child's point of view. Because adults think that fun toys, children are not necessarily interested; in addition, they have to choose according to the following points:
1, 2 stimulate intelligent degree, by gender to select 3, in line with the child's age 4, children hobby in accordance with 5, 6 choose a simple toys, toy materials note 7, choose durable toys <br> use of waste to create toys <br > In addition, experts also said that parents should give children some correct ideas. The so-called toys are not just toys sold on the market. They use natural materials such as branches, bamboo, flowers, etc., or use household waste accessories such as aluminum cans. Toys made from Baote bottles, buttons, etc. are also good. In the process of production, let the children participate in the manufacture of toys, let him experience the joy of a thing, when he plays his own toys, he must be very proud, and will become a precious childhood memories. (39 Health Network Community)

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