The concept of commodity packaging

The budding of packaging should be traced back to the most primitive era of mankind. Some food containers can be considered as a kind of packaging, such as shells, bamboo tubes, gourds, banana leaves, wild animal skins, etc. used by primitive humans.

However, in the minds of people, the concepts of container and packaging of goods are both related and different. The container of the item is not usually regarded as a package. People think that packaging is usually associated with goods, and is an accessory of goods. It is an indispensable means for realizing the value and use value of commodities. Therefore, the generation of packaging should start from the beginning of the exchange of goods by human society. The fact is also true that the development of packaging is closely linked with the development of commodity circulation. .

In general, the development of commodity packaging can be divided into three stages.

(I) The stage of large-scale packaging for the protection of goods

In the early stages of the development of commodity production, after commodity exchange occurs, in order to ensure the circulation of commodities, the first thing that is needed is the transportation and storage of commodities, that is, the role of commodities undergoing the transfer of space and the passage of time. This packaging was created for the protection of the goods and developed. During this period, packaging usually refers to large packages, ie transport packages—boxes, baskets, baskets, and barrels. In the case of buying and selling, that is, a large number of retail purchases and distributions, at times, some simple small packages sometimes appear for protection, and the general merchandise packaging rarely enters the consumption field.

(2) Not only large packages, but also small packages that convey the role of beautification With the development of commodity economy, there are more and more products, and different manufacturers produce different quality and different color varieties.

In the beginning, producers used product features to differentiate consumers from their products, and gradually used small packages to convey this information. With the fierce competition, small packaging has in turn played the role of beautifying and propagating goods. During this period, large packaging still mainly played a protective role, while small packaging mainly served as a distinction between commodities, beautification and promotion of goods. Since there is a small package, merchandise does not have to be distributed at retail, so small packages are also called sales packages, but merchandise still needs to be introduced and promoted by the salesperson. At present, most of the commodity packaging on the domestic market falls into this category.

(III) Silent salesman stage of small package becoming a commodity

The emergence of self-service sales methods has pushed commodity packaging to a higher stage of development. The characteristics of commodity packaging during this period are: small packaging has become an inseparable part of the commodity, and it has become an important means to seek additional profits. The role of small packaging in production, sales, and consumption is also increasing. At the same time, large packaging also shifted from simple protection to how to improve the efficiency of transportation and handling. At present, many commodity packages are moving in this direction.

Commodity packaging developed to the present stage, usually referred to as modern commodity packaging. It is generally believed that modern commodity packaging has two basic characteristics: one is attribute and the other is commodity. In the production of modern commodities, the dependence of goods on packaging becomes more and more obvious. In the entire production, circulation, sales and even consumption areas, there is a need for an accessory-packaging. Without it, it is difficult to form a virtuous cycle of social production. Therefore, although the types of modern commodity packaging have increased, the functions have increased, and the proportion of costs has increased. Packaging is still an accessory for interior products, and the development of packaging will be constrained by commodities. The characteristics and changes in interior packaging products will affect the development of packaging. The most fundamental factor. In addition, in the modern production of goods, the commercial nature of the packaging itself is becoming more apparent. This shows that the development of commodity packaging so far, although the dependence of goods on packaging has increased, but the dependence of packaging production on the production of goods has decreased, that is, its relative independence has increased. Modern commodity packaging is a special product produced by the society. Packaging production has become one of the important industrial sectors. It is as commodity-like as other socially necessary labor products, and it becomes the target of buying and selling between departments.

Commodity packaging refers to the overall name of containers, materials, and auxiliary materials that are used to protect commodities, facilitate storage and transportation, promote sales, and adopt certain technological methods.

The concept of modern commodity packaging reflects the commodity, means and production activities of commodity packaging. Commodity packaging is a special commodity for social production, which has its own value and use value. At the same time, it is also an important means to realize the value and use value of interior products. The value of commodity packaging is included in the value of the commodity. Not only does it provide compensation when the commodity is sold, but it can be overcompensated for reasons such as market supply and demand. High-quality packaging can bring huge economic benefits. Commodity packaging is an important part of the production of goods. Most of the goods can only enter the circulation and consumption fields after they have been packaged.

Commodity packaging is a combination of modeling and decoration based on certain attributes, quantity, shape, storage and transportation conditions and sales needs, using specific packaging materials and technical methods, according to design requirements, and has the dual characteristics of art and technology. The characteristics of volume, morphology, level, and integrity. From the point of view of entity composition, any product packaging is made of certain packaging materials and manufactured by certain technical methods. Each has its own unique structure, shape and appearance. Therefore, packaging materials, packaging techniques, packaging structure modeling and surface decoration are the four major elements that make up a packaging entity. The packaging material is the material basis of the packaging and is the material bearer of the packaging function. Packaging technology is the key to achieving the packaging protection function and ensuring the quality of the interior products. Packaging structure modeling is a specific form of packaging materials and packaging technology. Packing and decorating is the main means to beautify, advertise and introduce products through screens and texts. The perfect combination of these four elements constitutes the physical content of the packaging entity.

Reprinted from: Packaging Industry Network

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