Changzhou Zhongheng developed a 7-micron thin polyester film

Biaxially Stretched Polyester Film (BOPET) is a kind of polymer film material with excellent overall performance. It is based on PET chips as the main raw material, and it is crystallized, dried, melted, extruded, cast and biaxially stretched, post-treated, etc. A series of processes made. BOPET film has a series of features such as high mechanical strength, good temperature resistance, chemical resistance, excellent electrical insulation properties, transparency, non-toxicity, low air permeability, folding resistance, and scratching. Can be used as composite packaging, printing, vacuum aluminum plating, gold wire, hot stamping foil, capacitor media, insulation materials. It has a wide range of uses in electronics, electrical appliances, magnetic recording, packaging, decoration, plate printing, and photosensitive materials. In the domestic and foreign markets more and more widely used, especially the rapid development of China's plastic packaging industry, far higher than the growth rate of GDP, is expected in the coming years, the annual growth rate of gross value of plastic packaging products will remain at 10%. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the growing awareness of environmental protection and the increasingly tense nature of energy resources, soft plastic packaging materials will develop in the direction of functionalization and reduction.

As a soft plastic packaging material, it mainly has two major functions: First, to ensure the safety of the packaged goods, so that the external damage, pollution, in the storage and transportation of goods, play a role in the protection of goods; second is to be The packaging plays a role of beautification. Through the packaging, the grade of the product can be improved, the desire of the customer to purchase can be increased, and the added value of the product can be increased. Of course, in today's world where resources can be tight and environmental protection is attracting more and more attention today, the reduction of commodity packaging has been paid attention to and promoted. That is, under the premise of meeting the requirements of packaging, in order to save energy resources, reduce pollution, protect the environment, and reduce costs, the reduction of packaging films should be strongly promoted. For example, as a soft plastic packaging material BOPET film, the general use of a thickness of 12 microns, because the polyester film has a very high mechanical strength, its thinning to 7 ~ 8 microns can meet the packaging requirements, which is the reduction The concrete embodiment of

The BOPET film is still taken as an example. If the annual national 12-micron BOPET film is used at 200,000 tons, the reduction from 12 microns to 8 microns will save about 70,000 tons of PET raw material a year. With the energy consumption of about 69 KWh per ton of PET raw material produced, the single-count energy consumption can save 4.83 million KWh throughout the year. At the same time, after the reduction of packaging materials, it also reduces the environmental pollution caused by discarded packaging materials. Therefore, the thinning/reduction of BOPET film for packaging has great practical significance, and its economic and social benefits are very obvious.

In order to meet the new requirements of the market, Changzhou Zhongheng New Material Co., Ltd. has optimized the PET formula and film-drawing process to save energy resources and reduce environmental pollution. At present, thin 7-micron PET packaging films have been developed, with various performance indicators and thickness uniformity. Completely meets and exceeds GB/T16958 national standards. Changzhou Zhongheng New Material Co., Ltd. timely developed a 7-micron thin polyester film will make new contributions to China's soft plastic packaging.

Reproduced from: Changzhou Zhongheng New Material Co., Ltd. Feng Shuming

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