Yamada YAMADA company developed the latest printing ink pump

Japan Yamada YAMADA company developed a printing ink pump, the pump has the following characteristics:

1. Stable mechanical gas supply conversion system; 2. Great elimination of exhaust noise and conversion of metal noise; 3. Smooth lubrication system through the lubrication of piston rods; 4. Improved air flow structure and hard to freeze; 5. The quantification of the pump mechanism is emphasized; 6. The compact design; 7. The sensor board can be easily inserted into the ink cartridge, and the replacement is convenient, and the sealing system with a variable outer diameter can be used.

The following systems of the pump have applied for patents:

☆ sensing plate structure, can be sealed inside the barrel after the inner wall.

☆ When replacing the ink tank, the outer diameter of the envelope will be reduced and can be removed smoothly.

☆ In the exchange of ink, the ink will not fly, will not stain the surrounding, will not waste ink.

Reprinted from: NPES International Printing Business Network

Makeup Puff

Makeup puff also called  Cosmetic Puff , Makeup Puff Sponge,Powder Puff Sponge, powder puff.

Powder puffs are pieces of soft material used for the application of face powder. They may be shaped as balls or pads.

Historically, powder puffs have been made of very fine down feathers, cotton, fine fleece, etc. 

In modern times synthetic materials are widely used for powder puffs.

In addition to softness, an important characteristic of powder puffs is their intake ability, i.e., the ability to hold powder. 

It was reported that for synthetic fibers important factors in designing high-intake powder puffs are mostly geometric ones: fiber diameter, pile length, and space between fibers, with little dependence on material factors.

Makeup puff have different shape.

1.Bevel Cut Egg Shape Puff

2.Water Drop Shape Puff

3. Round Shape Puff

4.gourd shape puff

5.oval shape puff

gourd shape makeup puff

cosmetic puff

powder puff

Makeup Puff

Makeup Puff,Makeup Puff Sponge,Cosmetic Puff,Powder Puff Sponge

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