Shantou Jin Yulan Successfully Developed a New Imprint Transfer Production Line

With the joint efforts of all employees of Shantou Jinyulan Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., Shantou Jin Yulan independently developed a successful UVY laser pattern imprint transfer production line and obtained 3 national patents.

On December 26, 2006, the Science and Technology Achievement Appraisal Committee, organized by the Guangdong Science and Technology Department and the Shantou Science and Technology Bureau, and seven experts, conducted a scientific and technological achievement appraisal of the independently developed UVY laser pattern imprint transfer line independently developed by Shantou Jin Yulan. The appraisal committee heard and reviewed the relevant reports, examined the products and the production site. After questioning and discussion, the appraisal of the project was highly evaluated and fully affirmed. The appraisal committee unanimously held that the technical level of the “laser pattern embossing production process” pioneered by the project is at the leading position in the country and reaches the advanced level of similar international products.

Reprinted from: Screen Printing

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