Quick and easy curved screen printing

Although curved surface screen printing has a lot of methods, however, in practice, it often encounters simple surface printing and live work of printing and painting. However, it is often abandoned due to limited conditions, thus losing the opportunity for economic income. How can we solve this problem? Over the years, after practical application, the use of live-face screen printing method, printing a large number of processed printing products, such as latex plastic buckets, pure water buckets, washbasins, hot water bottles, cups, bowls, plates and other products. At the same time, this method can be used to print signboards on automobiles and print on special-shaped planes. The so-called live-face screen printing, that is to say the screen layout removed directly directly on the printing surface for printing.

Production of live-faced silk screen

First dry the sensitive text and graphic version, then remove it and cut it according to its size. At the ends of the screen, wood chips or aluminum sheets are used as the skeleton to adhere tightly with adhesive tape. It can also be directly cemented with viscose. In this way, the desired live silk screen version can be made.

Live screen printing operation method

According to the substrate selection of different printing materials for deployment. First select the plate and the plate to mix the required ink. Then, one person holds the live-faced silk screen with both hands, and the printed part is tightly affixed to the surface of the substrate. The other person uses a doctor blade to evenly place the ink on the ink-regulating plate. The ink is squeezing on the side of the doctor blade, and then the squeegee is placed on the plate for even squeegeeing. If the printed area is too large, pour the ink on the plate according to the situation, but do not allow the ink to flow out of the substrate. Pay attention to the deployment of the ink should not be too thin, do not be too dry, dry and wet moderate as well. Small area printing and imprinting can be performed by one person by sticking one end of the moving surface with a packing tape at a desired position on the substrate, and then tightening the printing plate tightly against the substrate with another hand. Print. From the release note, be sure to press the end of the tape to lighten the plate. This is also true if two people operate the release method. Printing by this method has the advantages of convenient operation, flexible requirements for substrates, high capacity, and low energy consumption. The quantity can be more or less, with low cost and energy saving advantages.

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