Woodblock Printing Technology for Creative Printmaking

High-grade paintings and other reproductions of fine arts are a kind of fashion as decorative painting and beautifying environments. As a result, some old printing techniques for copying and creating fine art works have been sought after by artists, such as lithographs, woodblock watermarks, and Miluo. Printing and screen printing. The authors of the previous issue introduced the lithograph of the creation of lithographs. The following will continue to introduce the technique of woodblock printing for the creation of prints.

Woodblock watermark
The woodblock watermark is a copy and art creation method developed on the basis of the ancient version of our country's technique and has a history of more than 1,000 years. The use of artificially-engraved wooden relief plates, overprinting with water-based pigments, and copying of continuous water-intensity ink paintings and color ink paintings can wonderfully preserve the tone, charm and style of the original works and achieve spurious effects.

The woodblock watermark is completely handmade, each color version must be analyzed and produced according to the characteristics of the original document. Therefore, the operator is required to have high artistic accomplishment and excellent copying skills.

The use of woodblock watermarks to replicate Chinese painting mainly includes the following four processes:

Hook tracing
First of all, it is necessary to analyze the manuscript, and determine the number of printing plates and sub-plates according to the color gradation of the manuscript, the shades of reality, the artist's style and artistic characteristics, and the size of the picture. There are several colors of the manuscript, and it is necessary to divide it into several sets of color plates. The simple color tone generally needs several sets to several dozen sets of color separations, and the complicated manuscripts even require hundreds of color separations.

In order to protect the original, before the sub-version, first use a transparent plastic film on the original, with a brush stroke description; then use translucent cane paper on the plastic film, and then trace again. How many pieces of version, it is necessary to trace the number of Zhang Yan paper.

Engraved version
On the surface of hard wood such as planed pear wood or jujube wood, anti-hedgehog paper is applied to the surfaces of the hard wood boards. The carving is based on the original line engraving with a special tool, pay attention to the original pen, pen down, understand the characteristics and style, so that the original technique and brushstrokes are vividly reproduced under the knife.

In order of overprinting, printing shall be performed in the same order as the original. The printing material shall not be the ink used for general printing, but the water-based pigment used in Chinese painting. The tool for coating the paint shall be a writing brush. The pressure tool is a brown brush. When printing, compare the original, once with a brush to add color on the corresponding color version, gradually overprinted into a complete print. Some need to be partially rendered and painted evenly.

The finished printed products are set off and pasted in traditional Chinese paintings and mounted into scrolls or albums for hanging or preservation. The process of using the woodblock watermark technique to create an art is basically the same as the copying process. The difference is that when copying a copy, it is not the original copy, but its own conception and creation.

Reprinted from: Ke Yin Media

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