Extension combination printing effect

1, offset printing, screen printing combined printing, such as the packaging of the trademark image, with 175 lines of four-color offset printing, and then use screen printing images imprinted with glittering refraction ink, set off the three-dimensional effect of the mountain image. This printing method can also use screen printing methods to print various anti-counterfeiting inks to solve the anti-counterfeiting problem.

2. The printed flower trademark is printed with a gravure 4-color dot, and then the ink containing the microcapsules of the fragrance is printed on the screen printing. Simply rubbing the petals with your fingernails will produce a scent.

3. Print the urban background image with flexo half-tone 4-color printing, and then use fluorescent ink to imprint with screen printing. For the purpose of long-time hair color in the light, the thickness of the ink layer can be printed by screen printing. Above 100um, this works well and produces a strong three-dimensional effect.

According to the screen design and various printing materials, different inks can be selected, and special printing effects can be obtained by using different printing processes such as offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing, and screen printing.

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