Multi-layer polyester container with good odor retention

The invention relates to a container with a crystallinity of 20% to 40% and a 50% ethanol extract of no more than 10 μg/cm2. The manufacturing method is: (A) containing polyester, inorganic fine particles and wax, and not containing polyolefin. The surface layer and the (B) sheet containing the inner layer of polyester, inorganic fine particles, polyolefin, and wax are molded into a synthesizing container, which can be used for packaging rice food, and can be heat-sealed with a thin lid. For example, an intermediate layer consisting of PET, talc, polyolefin, and wax can be extruded into a three-layered sheet and then thermoformed to obtain good transparency, easy mold release, and no molding. Dirt container.

Source: Polyester Industry

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Toothbrush Head Cover

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