Non-PVC soft plastic infusion bag

   At present , the global production volume of large infusion drugs is about 12 billion bottles, and China's output is 3 billion bottles, accounting for about one-fourth of the world's total output. It is a large producer of large infusion medicines. In the past 10 years, the growth rate of China's large infusion drug production has been maintained at 10% to 15%, and the variety has also grown from the original 30 to 40 to the current 120 or so. The soft plastic infusion packaging has become the international trend of development of large infusion drug packaging. Similarly, with the rapid development of China's economy, it has become an inevitable trend that soft plastic infusion bags have gradually replaced glass bottle infusions, and there is ample room for market development. Therefore, the market demand for non-PVC soft plastic infusion film material also came into being.

Normal > In response to this market demand, Trade & Wing International Trade Co., Ltd. has introduced film blowing equipment with world-class advanced soft plastic infusion film materials from Japan. The soft plastic infusion film blown by the film blowing machine is soft, transparent, and has small variation in film thickness. The self-contraction can be used to complete the human body input of the liquid without introducing air, thereby avoiding the external air to the liquid medicine. The pollution can really achieve closed infusion. The use of this packaging can safely infuse fluids in both outdoor and unclean environments and is therefore generally welcomed by medical personnel. This device can not only produce film materials for non- PVC infusion bags, but also produce various medical infusion film materials. . It has now been favored by Jiangsu Zhongjin Matai, a domestic pharmaceutical packaging company, and has ordered this equipment.

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