Curry box

Material: 250g/m2 Whiteboard Box Size: 150×73×22mm

Curry packaging box box structure: left and right are mouth shape, both sides stick together. After the printing and die-cutting in the packaging production plant, the box is folded and glued using a folder-gluer and packaged and sent to the user. On the automatic packaging machine, the user directly puts the curry wrapped in aluminum foil, and sprays hot melt adhesive on both sides of the box to make the entire package a highly sealed sales package.

The curry packaging box uses four-color offset printing on the interior design, and the printing surface has been UV-cured and pressed. The actual photo of curry rice is set off with different colors of different colors, so that customers can find their favorite products in the supermarket according to their own taste. The back of the box and the main explanatory text are basically black, white, dark, light and bright colors, so that the product packaging shows a distinctive effect.

Source: "Global Box Industry"

Plastic Film Folding Machine is a sensitive and flexible folding heat sealing machine. It adopts ITALY RE web guiding device, control system adopts PANASONIC servo driver, SIMENS 5.7 inches man-machine interface.

It`s a slit equipment with high precision and high sensitive and function for detecting unhealthy basic film or aluminium film. Running performance is stable, easy to operate, visual, and high automatically degree etc advantages. It can meet different slit width and using demand from client. It`s the necessary equipment in printing, packaging, food, pharmecutical.

Folding Center Machine

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