KURARISTERTM ColophonyTM - Transparent High-Temperature Cooking Barrier Film


normal> In order to meet the market demand, Kuraray Company of Japan developed a transparent barrier packaging retort films - KURARISTER TM Coke Li Site TM. This product has excellent high temperature cooking and gas barrier properties, as well as high transparency similar to PET. The following is a brief introduction of the relevant performance and application of this product.

Technical characteristics

Normal > At present, there are two types of C-type and N-type, as shown in Figure 1. They are respectively made of 12mm biaxially oriented polyester (BOPET) film and 15mm biaxially oriented polyamide (BOPA) film. On both sides, a layer of 1mm special coating was applied. The coating is a composite material in which a polymer material and a nano inorganic material are blended, and has excellent gas barrier properties and mechanical strength.

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Normal align=center> Figure 1

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Normal > The surface area of ​​nanomaterials used is more than 1000 times that of ordinary inorganic materials , which effectively limits the movement of macromolecules, thereby inhibiting the penetration of gas molecules such as oxygen. This effect of inorganic nanomaterials is not weakened by high-temperature cooking, so the barrier properties will not decrease after high temperature cooking. At the same time, the constituent material of the lattice structure is a macromolecule, so the barrier property will not be reduced due to the tensile deformation of the composite, printing, and bag making processes. In addition, because a special barrier layer is applied on both sides of the BOPET or BOPA, the barrier property of the BOPET or the BOPA is double-protected, and it is not easy to curl and operate.

normal> KURARISTER TM TM Coke Li Site characteristics may be summarized as follows:

Normal > â–  Excellent gas barrier, not due to cooking and cooking conditions;

Normal > â–  High transparency;

Normal > â–  Excellent processing and application performance;

Normal > â–  Suitable for microwave heating;

Normal > â–  Magnetic inspection of food after packaging;

Normal > â–  No residue is generated during incineration.

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Table 1

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Table 2

Product performance

â–  Basic performance

normal> Table 1 shows some basic properties Kurarister cola Li Site TM TM films. Its oxygen barrier performance does not change with relative humidity. C-type tensile strength and elongation at break and other mechanical properties and biaxially oriented polyester (BOPET) film is basically the same, transparency and BOPET equivalent or better, surface wetting index 54dyne / cm or more. Therefore, regardless of oily or water-based inks, direct printing without corona treatment is possible. Further, between Kurarister Li Site TM TM cola, or coefficient of friction between Kurarister cola Li Site TM TM and the metal surface is small, thereby having a similar BOPET secondary processability.

â–  Cooking resistance

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