Dengxing Launches Hot Filling Automatic Bottle Filling and Capping Machine

Shanghai Dengxing Packing Machinery Co., Ltd., on the basis of fully drawing on international advanced technology, researched and developed the EGX series hot filling automatic flushing bottle filling and capping machine. After being put on the market, this product has been favored by customers.

The product is suitable for mass production of bottled hot drinks, and the production speed is controlled by frequency conversion. Because the product uses a bottleneck suspension type operation, it is very convenient to change the bottle type. At the same time, as long as the device is replaced with a small amount of parts, it can also be used for normal temperature filling of pure water, mineral water and other beverages. The series can be filled with 3,500 bottles, 5,000 bottles, 6,500 bottles, 9,000 bottles and other five models per hour. It can also be ordered according to the user's actual scale. Special specifications can be designed and manufactured separately. It is the ideal hot filling machine at present. Automatic production equipment.

Source: China Wine News

Tipping machines,

Our Tipping machines is used to tip the Tipping Film on both end of shoelace, or bag handle rope lace. there is fully Automatic Tipping Machine. We have max 1.5meter, 2meter, 2.5meter according to customer demand. We also have semi auto Tipping Machine, which have no length limited, but need one operator to work.

The advantages of the tipping machines, 
1, the processing temperature can be adjusted automatically, normally in 50°to 60°.When reaching the set temp, it will be fixed automatically.  
2, the main motor has the overload protection function. 
3, the machine is equipped with special safety device and the base of the mold is made of high quality casting, so, the mold can be used for a longer life. 
4, strong structure and safe operation and good materials and good brand electrical parts, technically and mechanically, the whole machine can be used for at least 20 to 30 years without any problems. 
5, the machine has the function of programming protection, under which function the machine parts will not be easily broken because of reverse or wrong power connection. When power cable is wrongly connected, the machine will not run. 
6, the machine will stop working automatically when there is no tipping film feeding, under which function the machine idle running will be avoided.

Tipping Machine

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