Ciba Develops New High-Performance Nucleating Agents

Ciba Specialty Chemicals has developed Irgastab NA 287, a high-performance nucleating agent dedicated to PP materials. It is a highly efficient additive that improves the mechanical properties of PP materials and saves raw materials; the use of this product can give PP materials better color properties, improved heat distortion properties of PP material and reduce the generation of waste, the product can also reduce production cycle PP composite and increase the yield, the product can improve the hardness, impact resistance and heat distortion temperature material PP Wait. This product can improve the mechanical properties of PP materials while also reducing the weight of the finished product, thereby increasing the production of composite materials. Irgastab NA 287 can be used to improve the crystallization rate of the PP material, thus reducing production cycle. Ciba claims that this Irgastab NA 287 nucleating agents for polypropylene thermoformable material to reduce the haze by reducing the grain size and to increase the transparency of the product. The product can be used in thin-walled packaging materials, caps, automotive parts, furniture, crates, boxes and other injection molding products and dishes, cups, tubs and other blow molding products. This product is cost-effective and can meet the different needs of different customers.

Source: Plastics Industry

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