Tips for extending the life of the blanket

Due to the method of use, some blankets have a short life. With only a few months to scrap, this undoubtedly increases the cost of production, so how can we extend its useful life? The author summarizes several methods for this:

(1) Before use, ensure that the rubber blanket has good performance so that the blanket has a long service life. Before the machine is put into operation, it must first ensure its good performance. This means that we should store blankets scientifically. If you buy too much at one time, do not stack it. Especially when the spare blanket is stored, it should be rolled outwards, stored in a ventilated and dry place, and away from light and heat sources. As well as oils, acids, alkalis, salts and other chemicals, the storage temperature is preferably around 20 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity is 70.

(2) When installing a new blanket with a secondary tension, the tension on both sides should be uniform. After the new blanket has been installed for a few days, it should be re-tensioned to avoid over-relaxation of the blanket due to paw pressure.

(3) Thorough cleaning It is necessary to thoroughly clean the blanket before each shift. Otherwise, the paper on the blanket, paper powder and ink and other impurities accumulated on the blanket for a long time, will greatly reduce the transfer ability of the blanket.

(4) Pay attention to "rest"
After using the blanket for a period of time, even if it can still be used normally, let it rest for a while. Remove the blanket from the machine, use detergent or gasoline to clean the upper ink and oil, then wash with 50% alkaline solution to saponify the grease that penetrates the surface of the blanket. Then wash the saponified product with water and wipe dry. Finally, talcum powder is thrown in and saved according to the method described in the previous section. After a period of “resting”, the blanket can restore its original elasticity to a certain extent, effectively extending its service life.

(5) Repair in time If scratches or dents occur during the use of the blanket, it may be repaired with a reducing agent or reducing paste as appropriate. In general, if the damage is not too severe, the repaired blanket can still be used for a long period of time.

Source: China and India Business Network

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