Manuscript copy requirements and key points for prepress processing

Shunguang photographic manuscripts (hereinafter referred to as shunguang manuscripts) are such that when the incident angle of light and the photographing angle are the same, both the projection and the shadow of the ray are behind the photographed object, and the scenes facing the lens are all illuminated with the same brightness. The work that uses this ray angle to take photos is called the cis-light manuscript. Due to the relationship between the angle of light used when photographing the original in the photo, the picture has the common features of sharpness, good texture and uniformity, and softness and good looks. The characters are pleasing to the manuscript. They have natural, real and full facial expressions, as well as skin color, fineness, and texture. In particular, Shunguang’s elderly images have a certain role in masking and beautifying the image. Scenery Shunguang manuscript, the picture has a uniform brightness, color, real, natural, and coordination. The character or landscape manuscripts that are shot with smooth light also have the characteristics of a tone, flat color, and moderate contrast, which are ideal for copying manuscripts.

However, due to the shun manuscript is not conducive to the performance of space, perspective and three-dimensional sense of the scene, the picture lacks a clear tone configuration and contrast, the contrast between the entire screen brightness is not strong enough, just by the inherent tone of the scene tone level, color matching And so on constitute a uniform picture. The characters are pleasing to the eye, and the facial features are flat and the color contrast is lacking. Even some people who shun their originals (including some flash photo manuscripts), due to the angle of light exposure or improper exposure processing, not only caused a large number of facial loss, color can not be truly reproduced, the character skin color formed "big white face", the entire screen distortion It seems to be rigid and loses the inherent characteristics of the sleek manuscript. Due to the equitable relationship between light exposure and the equal light exposure, the foreground, middle scene, and distant vision of the scene are not hierarchically changed, and the silhouette, tone level, and color change of the scene are all achieved by the inherent form of the scene itself. Inevitably lacking the contrast of light and the intensity of contrast, it will inevitably lose its three-dimensionality and sense of perspective. The entire picture appears to be very flat.

Another drawback of the Shunguang manuscript is that when many people and scenes are represented, the front and rear figures and scenes are easily overlapped, affecting the reproduction of their number and individuality, and losing the sense of “breathable” picture.

Therefore, in the pre-press processing, the desktop system operators should not only have superb skills, but also need to have the ability to analyze, study, and appreciate the manuscript, grasp its inherent characteristics or have certain defects, and closely integrate with the prepress You can work on the effective functions, printability, and conditions of the processing equipment to obtain the best copying effect. Therefore, in the prepress processing, you should be aware of the following priorities in the smooth document.

1. While maintaining the brightness, uniformity, and delicateness of the screen, emphasize the sharpness of the screen moderately and accurately, but do not overdo it. If over-adjustment, although the definition of the picture has been effectively improved, but the picture will also appear relief marks, directly affecting the smooth tone of the original tonal soft and true color, natural inherent characteristics.

2. When dealing with manuscripts that are subject-oriented, it is important to preserve the inherent characteristics of facial expressions that are natural, real, and even and delicate. At the same time, special attention must be paid to the finishing of some defects on the faces of the characters to prevent the further exposure of the defects and affect the reproduction effect. In addition, the amount of color used in yellow and magenta plates should be moderately increased during prepress processing to improve the actual effect of the human skin color.

3. According to the manuscripts of scenes and scenes, it is necessary to grasp the following three relationships in pre-press processing: First, we must properly handle the relationship between the foreground, middle and distant perspectives, and consciously deepen the prospects: The leveling of the middle-gradation tone levels will be opened up; the vision will have a fluctuating pattern. Second, we must properly handle the foreground, middle and long-range color matching relationships, and appropriately make the foreground colors more intensive: medium-range landscape usage should be appropriate, and the foreground landscape should be brighter. Third, in the scenes of the scenes, if there are characters in them, the relationship between the color of the characters, the color of the clothing, and the background should be properly handled, and the color configuration must be properly opened and the background must be harmonious. There is no sense of perspective or a sense of color jumping between the characters and the background.

4. For bright manuscripts, in prepress processing, to maintain a large area of ​​bright, uniform, clean and bright, we should pay attention to the integrity of the picture, midtones or dark tone parts should be appropriate to use some color rich to maintain or Appropriately emphasize the contrast of the picture tone, so that the overall picture is kept bright and flat, complete and dark tone is not overly frivolous copy effect.

5. In the use of color processing, it is necessary to maintain the natural, natural and harmonious intrinsic characteristics of the overall color of the directional light. Therefore, in prepress processing, the amount of color used in the basic color system of the main color system should be increased in an appropriate manner, so that the entire screen can achieve relative saturation and real effects in terms of color configuration and color usage.

6. On the basis of maintaining the true level, texture, and color of the original document, it is necessary to appropriately increase the overall tone of the yellow, magenta, and cyan versions to be longer, which will help improve the overall contrast and color contrast of the screen, and enhance the three-dimensional image of the screen properly. Sense, perspective and sense of space visual effects.

7. Pay attention to the contrast of the picture. In prepress processing, it is important to consciously emphasize the brightness of the picture, especially the highlights and sub-brightness should be lighted out, and some small highlights can be netted, in order to maintain the clear and pleasing effect inherent in the smooth manuscript. The dark tone must be dark in order to maintain a stable visual appearance.

In short, before the pre-press processing, it is necessary to fully analyze the light manuscripts, research, grasp the characteristics, and give full play to the advanced functions of the desktop system equipment, such as "light", and in the specific operation to do something to avoid weaknesses and effectively Improve the production and reproduction level of communicative manuscripts.

Source: Ke Yin Media - "Printing Technology - Publishing Commercial Printing"

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