Digital Printing Features and Application Reasons

What is digital printing

Digital printing is another printing method that is completely different from traditional printing. Although today's traditional offset printing has reached a high level both in terms of printing speed and printing quality, it is highly efficient in information transmission and the market is developing at a high speed. With more and more emphasis on personalized services, with the further development of electronic publishing and cross-media publishing technologies, customers using on-demand printing will continue to increase, and the number of prints and varieties will change with the changes in the market, without lowering the printing quality. Under the premise of being fast and flexible, it will become another important indicator of market competitiveness. Traditional printing methods can no longer fully meet the ever-changing market demands. A new printing method, digital printing, was born under the new market demand.

Simply speaking, digital printing is the direct printing of electronic documents on the print media, which is different from the traditional printing of a complex printing process.

Digital Printing Features

One from the beginning of the printing without legislation, etc. can be taken immediately error correction, variable printing, on-demand printing, the difference between digital printing and traditional printing

(1) Convenient and quick:

Digital printing eliminates the tedious processes of film, imposition, and printing, and it has absolute advantages in a small amount of printing and dispatch. All typesetting, design software, and electronic documents generated by office applications can be exported directly to digital presses.

(2) Flexible and efficient:

The comprehensive digitalization of digital printing allows us to provide customers with more flexible printing methods, namely edge-to-edge printing, edge-to-edge printing, today 50, tomorrow 100, how much to print, and zero inventory. This flexible and fast printing method enhances the customer's competitive advantage in a competitive environment.

(3) No need to print:

Enjoy high-quality prints without having to “print” and one can also. Digital printing can completely fulfill a desirable requirement of printing and instant printing.

Why use digital printing
(1) Business needs in the information age:

In the information age, all kinds of business activities, whether business documents or corporate publicity materials, require accurate and novel information content, and the printed materials used in traditional printing methods are mostly limited by the “print volume”. One thousand or three thousand copies have to be printed. The cost of a single leaflet is cheap, but more companies have not waited for half or even several dozen, because the contents and information of the print have changed, and there is no need to waste. The use of pens to change and re-use, but also damage the corporate image. So much more companies only deal with waste papers as a new pile of printed matter. In fact, they are "expensive and cheap to use."

(2) Instant book at the last moment:

Digital printing, because it does not require the complicated procedures of traditional offset printing, just bring computer files or send it on the Internet. Tomorrow meetings, bids or business negotiations will be finalized tonight.

(3) The print content is variable:

Digital printing can print out different personalized content, such as the name of the person who is not the same as the invitation, the direct mail letter bearing the customer's name, the printing of the variable bar code, etc., which are simply not possible with traditional offset printing. .

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