Flint Group Launches New Products for Flexible Packaging

Flint Group will launch its high performance flexible packaging system at FTA INFO*FLEX 2006. Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the company is a combination of XSYS Print Solutions in Europe and Flint Ink Corporation in the United States. At the exhibition, people will learn about Flint Group's unprecedented scale of flexible packaging and printing systems, including wide-format inks, printing plate equipment, narrow-format inks, and personalized service systems.

Flint Group's North American Packaging & Printing Division will introduce its Sterling II, a high-performance ink for wide-format products. The ink can be used under high-speed compounding conditions. The product has excellent printing ability and beautiful printing effect characteristics. At the same time, Sterling II inks are also nitrocellulose compatible inks that have strong adhesion and very low solvent retention in most flexible packaging systems. Please visit the 314 booth for more detailed information.

Flint Group's printing plate division will present its nyloflex? high-performance printing system. It requires only three steps in the 60 minute process to make a seamless blank film sleeve. The company will also exhibit its latest product, model nyloflexTM ATC plate. At the same time, there is a high-performance photosensitive printing plate production line, nyloflex®, which can perform letterpress printing on film, paper and cardboard materials. It is generally a traditional digital image image photosensitive plate. A complete plate-making system fills the Flint Group's printing plate production line for packaging printing. Please visit 626 booth for more detailed information.

The Flint Group's XSYS Printing Solutions has developed its own ink for narrow-web products. At this exhibition it will launch high-performance products such as UV, water-based multi-functional inks. In addition, XSYS will also provide information on topcoats, adhesives and primers for wide-format products as well as ink materials for trademark anti-counterfeiting and other special applications. Please visit booth 321 for more detailed information.

Information Source: Coatings & Inks

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