Gravure Printing Plate Failure Analysis and Trouble Shooting

Fourth, the phenomenon of color deviation of printed products

There are also many factors that cause the left and right chromatic aberration of the printed product. For example, the pressure of the left and right rubber rollers is not uniform, the left and right scrapers are not leveled, and the platen is not mounted so that the pressure between the right and left rollers and the rubber roller is uneven. Here to discuss how to determine the problem is the printing plate and how to exclude the printing plate factor.

In the process of plate making, especially when it is full-scale, electric sculptures are easy to produce dot size changes from left to right. Generally, the normal error is within 0.3 filaments. If the deviation is too large, left and right chromatism will occur. The following methods can be used to exclude platemaking reasons:

1. The printed matter and the gravure gravure proofing are put together and observed to see if the depth and the lightness are the same. If they are consistent, the problem of the printing plate can be basically determined.

2. The platen roll is turned around to re-equalize the plate. After starting the machine, it is observed whether the two front and back prints are the same in depth. If the depth is the same, the printing plate problem can be basically determined.

3. The biggest feature of plate-making problems is that they are fixed and will remain in place no matter how you adjust it.

For example, in the actual work, we have encountered the surface of the roller surface water stains can not dry cleaning, resulting in India after the printed watermarks imprinted, in this case can be used 5% concentration of dilute hydrochloric acid to wipe the water stains, If it still can not handle, you can return to the plate processing plant.

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