Shrinkable PETG label film

The range of New Pentaprint® 45-micron PETG-series shrinkable label films for label change has been extended to the current Pentaprint 45-micron OT E746/91 shrink film as well as the overall sleeve label, bottle cap, and concealed Tape and Cartridge OT E749/50 High standard PETG shrink label film. Manufacturers said that the 45-micron-thick polyester film currently available on the market is thinner than any film currently available on the market by at least 10 percent. For the customer, reducing the thickness standard of the existing film can relatively increase the output and thus reduce the production cost. This PETG shrinkable label film, produced in the United States and Europe, is well-sized and controlled, and features easy-to-tilt properties, so it can be easily printed on it and perform a variety of other tasks. The contraction performance of ordinary shrink labels can reach 56%, while the shrinkage performance of advanced shrink labels can reach 78%. Both films can be used for flexo and gravure.

Source: Packaging Expo

Pu Workwear:

PU leather is a kind of artificial synthetic imitation leather, leather, but it is not what we often say the artificial leather, PU leather, not like in artificial leather surface coating plasticizer, to achieve a soft object, its have the characteristic of soft, so the it on gasoline soaked for half an hour or more, it is soft without like artificial leather because coated on the surface of the plasticizer and becomes brittle. We have many different PU Workwear to protect you from the hurt. And at the meanwhile, we also focus on the style. We can also supply Pvc Workwear, Polyester Workwear, PU Workwear , Nonwoven Workwear.

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PU Workwear

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PU Workwear

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