Beiren launches MPQ1050 automatic stripping and die cutting machine

Beiren MPQ1050 automatic stripping and die cutting machine is the latest product developed by foreign advanced technology. Its characteristics are stable, durable, safe, user-friendly, and easy to operate. It can be used not only for the general carton, carton, logo cutting, indentation and cold embossing, but also for the processing of various high-level fine prints. , Such as cigarette cases, wine boxes, gift boxes, small home appliances boxes, cosmetics boxes, etc., can be rich in three-dimensional, exquisite and beautiful print. Its electrical control system design meets CE standard requirements, die-cutting accuracy ± 0.09mm. Beiren made major innovations in the overall frame structure and several major structures of the aircraft, and made careful improvements to the safety protection devices. Therefore, the machine performance is more stable and the operation is more safe and convenient. The maximum paper size of the MPQ1050 automatic flattening and rejecting die cutting machine is 1050mm x 750mm, the minimum paper size is 450mm x 400mm, the maximum die cutting size is 1040mm x 740mm, and the maximum die cutting speed is 7,000 sheets/hour.

Digital Tampons


Available in all 4 absorbencies of digital tampons

- Size Absorbency

- Mini/Light 6 to 9 grams

- Normal/Regular 9 to 12 grams

- Super 12 to 15 grams



- Soft rounded tip and silky smooth finish for comfort and easy insertion.

- Individually wrapper always keeps Tampon hygienic.

- Allergy free, Leakage free.

- FDA, GMP, BRC certified.

- Perfect replace of Sanitary Napkin for periods.

- No one will ever know you are on period, free like wind.






Weight (g)




Length (mm)




Diameter (mm)




Regular Tampons 



What is your Min. order quality?

A: One twenty-foot container, small quality available if has stock


Your supply ability?

A: 5,000,000 piece/pieces per week Sanitary Napkins in bulk


What is your neareast port?

A: Shenzhen


What is the payment terms you accepted?

A L/C, T/T, Western union, MoneyGram

Digital Tampons

Organic Digital Tampon,Digital Tampon,Digital Tampons

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