MediCRREO Security Bags

MediCRREO is the only re-openable flexible pouch that has passed the packaging test of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's “Children's safety and convenience for the elderly”. It is transparent and self-standing, with a sliding zip at the top and a locking clip to prevent children from opening.

David Diederich, president of Pactech, New York, said: "In the pharmaceutical industry, this stand-up pouch is also the first transparent packaging that can be used by children and can be re-sealed and used. It can replace those rigid packaging and bring people more. More convenient." CPSC, a pharmaceutical company, had proposed a reusable pharmaceutical package that would prevent children from using it. Pactech developed the outer package for its foaming board.

To cope with the manufacture of MediCRREO, first, Texas Convey injection molding company provided a polyethylene seal according to Pactech's specifications. In order to meet the required specifications, Convey is testing this seal every hour.

Next, Cello-Foil, Michigan, composited the films of three materials: nylon from New York-based Honeywell; and cross-laminated film from Valeron Strong Films, Houston, to increase the tensile strength of the bags. There is also a low density sealing film from Dow Chemical, Michigan. In the high-volume production line, Cello-Foil also printed the product description and some necessary data on the surface of the packaging bag.

After purchasing a re-sealable sliding zipper from ITW Minigrip, Pactech concentrated on all materials and started bag making. The company's bag making machine unfolds the composite film and folds it out of balance, so that the zipper is placed on one side of the bag rather than on the top of the bag to connect the sides of the bag like other packages. After the zipper position is determined, the bag is initially formed.

As the bag making process continues, the bag is perforated to secure the zipper seal. This is all done by Pactech's bag making machines. In general, the bags produced by the bag maker range in size from 2 x 3 inches - 24 x 24 x 8 inches. Depending on the size of the bag made, the speed of the machine is also correspondingly different. For example, to make an 8 x 12 x 3 inch bag, the production speed is approximately 50 feet per minute.

Next, a Pactech machine seals the bag at a speed of 2000 feet per minute and fastens the zipper. This step ensures that children under the age of 4 and up can't open the package. In small batch production, Pactech will use inkjet printing to print the necessary captions on the bag.

Another pharmaceutical company, Sanofi-Synthelabo Research, also started using the bags in October last year. The senior manager of the Clinical Supplies Investigation Committee is also deeply attracted by this kind of transparent packaging that prevents children from using it. He commented: "When we urgently needed such packaging, MediCRREO provided us with the best solution."

Source: Flexible Packaging

Velvet Suit Hangers

Strong & broad velvet/flocked suit hangers are suitable for heavier garments like suits, coats or jackets. The soft velvet instead of plastic or metal leaves no crease on the pants and blouse when you fold them over giving you crease free ready to wear closet options. 

  • Velvety surface prevents clothes from slipping. 
  • Increases your usable wardrobe space soft. 
  • Velvet Hangers minimize your hassle, keeping your suits, pants, delicate blouses from falling or sagging.

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Velvet Suit Hangers

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