The importance of business planning and packaging

China is becoming a hot spot for investment in international capital. However, at the “World Capital Forum” held in Nanjing in 2003, we as project investors in the conference raided more than 1,000 Chinese companies’ financing projects, but they were just like other investors. , I was very disappointed. Why did all the investment project materials have been returned? So many projects have not been favored by overseas investors? Is the project itself not good? Is the project investment return is not high? In fact, this is not the case. The end is: First of all, disappointing investors is the sloppy and planning ability of the project party for the business plan. What's more about future project management capabilities?

The second is the lack of effective communication with foreign companies. This kind of communication is not only fluent in English, but what kind of business language to use. This kind of business communication language that conforms to international conventions is a high-quality Business Plan.

The business plan has a relatively fixed format. It includes almost everything that investors are interested in, from company growth experience, management team, equity structure, product service, marketing, marketing, organization personnel, finance, operations to financing solutions. What is popular in China is the "Project Feasibility Analysis Report" left over from the planned economy. There is a big gap between the two, with distinctly different priorities. If the domestic investment promotion unit only writes a 2-3 page brief feasibility report, or concentrates on the feasibility of technological process and ignores the market and commercial operations, it is unable to attract foreign investors to “eyeball”. Only the content is detailed, the data is rich, and the system is A complete, well-packaged, sophisticated business plan will attract Western investors and let them understand your project's business operations plan. It seems that after China's accession to the WTO, international business practices should be applied in many details. The lesson of "how to write a good business plan" should be filled as soon as possible.

Business plans are necessary information and important factors for the financing of corporate projects.

The business plan is a full-scale project plan that analyzes and plans the feasibility of the upcoming commercial projects from the aspects of personnel, systems, management, and products, marketing, and marketing of the company. A business plan is an important basis for an (international) investor's careful review of a project. He can help you find an investor or partner. Therefore, only having a complete business plan can make your financing needs a reality. The quality of the business plan is crucial to your project financing. Of course, if you want to run your project at a high starting point, you must also prepare an English business plan that meets international financing requirements and allows investors to move. If you use advanced financing technology, not only can you get substantial funding, but you can also get advanced technology, brands, management experience and equipment from developed countries and companies (investors bring).

Business plans play an important role in starting a business.

"Everything is pre-established, but it is not to be abandoned." When you are in the start-up phase, or are preparing to start a new business project, you will face a lot of complicated work and a variety of problems. At this time, you need a scientific and complete business plan. The business plan scientifically analyzes and arranges your project idea so that you know if your idea can be achieved? How much return can you get from this project? How big is its market? What are the losses and risks? Is risk prevention feasible? Who else is working in the project? and many more.

The business plan is also one of the important factors for the smooth implementation and orderly implementation of the project.

Business plans can enable you to plan business activities, increase the odds of success, and reduce errors. Especially for entrepreneurs, this is indispensable. In addition, in today’s highly diversified economy, no matter what mode you plan to operate your project, you must prepare a moving and practical business plan to fully attract your future partners—investors, banks, Peers, related government and institutions... Corporate development strategy orientation:

Entrepreneurial planning is the soil for entrepreneurial success.

A good capital operation is a high-quality nutrient for the company's babyhood.

Corporate human resources are the guarantee of continuous business success.

The development strategy is the key to the maturity of the company.

Marketing is fundamental to the survival of a company. Without a market, there is no survival of a company.

Corporate listing is one of the hallmarks of corporate success.

Preparing for danger in peace time, safe financial management is the guarantee for the sustainable operation of the company.

Unable to underestimate the risk of not having a legal advisor.

Corporate culture is a sign of a mature business.

Efficient management is the secret for companies to stay on top of the market.

Source: E-commerce Research Network

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