Blanket roller for gravure printing machine

【Patent name】 Blanket cylinder for gravure printing machine 【Applicant】 Kaba-Jolly Co., Ltd. [Inventor] J.G. Schneider 【Main Applicant Address】 Lausanne, Switzerland 【Application No.】 200480003490.5
【 Application Date 】 2004.02.03
【Approval Announcement No.】 1747834
【 Validation announcement date 】 2006.03.15
[Main classification number] B41F9/06(2006.01)I
【Association number】 B41F9/06(2006.01)I B41F9/02(2006.01)I B41N10/04(2006.01)I
[Priority] 2003.2.4 EP 03002187.7
Sovereign Items 1. A blanket cylinder for a gravure printing machine, comprising at least one printing cylinder (6), said printing cylinder (6) being provided with an engraved layout, said engraving and substrate (1) to be printed on The special gravure structure corresponds to and cooperates with a cylinder (3) which mounts a substrate to be printed and the blanket cylinder (8) has at least one blanket (9), in which the blanket (9) Different colors of ink are deposited on a plurality of selection rollers (10). Each selection roller (10) receives a predetermined color of ink, and has contoured reliefs. The reliefs and intaglio structures are to be treated. Corresponding to the area printed in the above specified color, it is characterized in that at least one blanket (9) is made of several consecutive layers (30, 31, 32; 36, 37; 40) each having different properties.
[Instructions CD-ROM] D0611-1
【International Application】 2004-02-03 PCT/IB2004/000282
【International Publication】 2004-08-19 WO2004/069539 【Abstracts】 A blanket cylinder (8) for a gravure printing machine includes a printing cylinder (6) mounted with several engravings. The printing plate, which corresponds to a special intaglio structure to be printed on a substrate (1) and cooperates with a cylinder (3), the blanket cylinder having at least one blanket (9) on the blanket ( 9) Different colors of ink are deposited on a plurality of selection rollers (10) each having a contoured relief corresponding to a region of the intaglio structure to be inked with the above-mentioned color, at least. A blanket (9) is made of several consecutive layers (30, 31, 32) each with different properties.
【 Agency 】 China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Patent and Trademark Office 【Agency】 Jiang Xurong

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