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The test version of the "Red Pig" WIND 2 just got a momentary curiosity, and he found a place to watch.

Long, it is long, spread two pieces of cloth pig nose is still outside ~ ~ ~ ~ but it is still not troublesome to take it up, first inside and outside the account is sewn together, set up when the account pole out to wear an OK, In order to distinguish between different parts of the rod, black rods are used to distinguish them. If you want to reduce the weight, the middle rod can be used without a tape. It becomes a thorough tunnel account, but sacrifices some independence and theoretical wind resistance. , The environment is limited, it is not good to pull the wind rope, and if it is not full, it is better to join in and watch it.

Two vents symmetrically designed at the top of the middle.

Into a look at this vent is a double zipper, the corresponding position in the internal and external accounts.

A vent is also designed for the pig's head position. It not only regulates the air circulation, but also has certain benefits for the transparent window against fogging.

The spacious entrance hall in the pig's head has two large bags or more than enough for cooking, but here is a bit small advice, red pigs are symmetrical on both ends, and the two doors are open on the same side, if opened on different sides, use it Is it more reasonable (such as the side of a wall or a steep slope?)

Inside and outside the accounts are stitched directly together, but the joints are vented at both ends.

MSR's use of snow skirts is still very clever and flexible. Adding it to the pig's head does not affect the ventilation of the account. Pressing snow also increases the stability of this part.

The room in the bridal chamber is quite spacious, with a standard two-person account, but there are no problems with the thin body shape crowding three people.

The details at the bottom of the account are very easy to adjust.

The tented bag is marked with SAMPLE, which is used by testers before being officially listed. However, it is clear that the original owner is too lazy to support the original owner, and the official version that had been sold has been compared with the back pressure. The bar is black and the MSR's LOGO is deliberately very light.

Overall, if you do not pursue ultralight, the Red Pig is really a cool guy.

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