European Research and Development PET Beer Bottle Co-blend Total Blocking Technology

The European research and development of the PET beer bottle co-mixing and all-over barrier technology is an attempt to improve barrier properties and reduce costs, which has attracted the attention of many companies. It is reported that a batch of beer bottles have been produced in Europe and tested. Shell of the United Kingdom researched and developed 10% of PEN and 90% of PET blends. Allegedly, the shelf life of beer is 2 times longer than that of PET bottles. There are also British Superex companies, American Nanoearh Company and Graham Packaging Company also researched and developed some similar materials, the shelf life of which is longer than that of PET bottles.

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Silicone Suction Lid Product Description
  • SILICONE SUCTION LID PREMIUM QUALITY: Durable, Food Grade, 100% Silicone, BPA free - Thicker Than Other Brands for Better Seal.
  • SILICONE SUCTION LID VERSATILE- Microwave Safe. Seals Any Bowl in Fridge or on Dining Table. Use on Stove Top or Oven up to 450°
  • SILICONE SUCTION LID ECO FRIENDLY- Use Instead of Plastic Wrap! Protect and Preserve Food in the Kitchen or for Outdoor Dining.
  • SILICONE SUCTION LID STACKABLE- No Center Knob Allows for Better Fridge Organization. Chef Quality.
  • SILICONE SUCTION LID Creates an airtight, watertight, and spill proof seal for reheating and storing. Environmentally friendly: washable and reusable. Easier to use than plastic wrap.

Itmes name:

Silicone suction lid


100% food grade FDAor LFGB approval silicone,non-toxic,non-stick,eco-friendly


Small size: 15.5*15cm

Middle size: 20*21cm

Big size: 26.5*26cm

Super size: 31*30cm



Useing Temperature:

-40 degree C to 230 degree C


Suitable for any container, easy to open and storage




As reired,any PMS color available

OEM Service


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Eco Silicone Tight Lids

Colorful Keep Frsh Eco Silicone Tight Lids

Silicone Suction Lid

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