Color positioning of product packaging (2)

Second, the color of commodity packaging should be consistent with the characteristics of product performance

The color of the packaging and decoration of goods is generally an image reflection of the content, characteristics and use of the goods. In the process of shopping, we first notice the colors of our customers. The colors of beauty not only physical but also psychologically have beautification and decorative effects. It can make people excited and have feelings, thus attracting customers. Commodities are all-inclusive, some products are available to anyone, and some are used by a specific group of people or specific industries. Therefore, commodities have different performance and characteristics. Their commodity packaging should also be based on the performance and characteristics of different commodities. Use different colors.

Food generally uses bright, bright and harmonious colors to indicate that food is delicious and fresh. Confectionery biscuits are generally based on warm colors, red, yellow (milk), and gold are more, while red is dominant. Even the harmony of colors requires clear, strong, bright and easy levels. In addition to moving the image, it must be colorful, showing the color, smell, and taste of food, and it can even cause people's appetite.

In addition to the beautiful design of the bottle design, the wine bottle design also shows the taste of the alcohol and the rich aroma characteristics. Beer is a cool drink, suitable for cool colors, pure colors, and refreshing, giving a cool feeling. The complementary color of wine requires a strong, deep, giving a nourishing feeling.

Daily hardware (knives, scissors, etc.) should be thick, simple, and harmonious to reflect the firmness of the product's internal structure.

Drug packaging often uses blue, green, and other cool colors, making people feel comfortable.

Cosmetics are generally used by women. Therefore, they often use reconcile, elegant and light colors (such as pink and flesh) to give people a delicate, delicate and smooth feeling.

Toys and stationery have more lively contrasting colors and lively pictures to adapt to children's strong and innocent psychological features.

Electronic products often use blue as their dominant color in order to reflect their high-tech properties. Figure 2

Many of the original products had a bright, attractive color that made them an attractive hue. We should cherish this "inherent hue" and try to make full use of this "inherent hue" in the packaging of the packaging style, design, text arrangement and the selection of packaging materials. In this way, packaging can often achieve good results. For example, the design of fresh orange juice, orange juice, green plum wine, coffee and other products. See Figure 3.

Of course, the above explanation refers to the general rule. If the colors are applied successfully, it is possible to break through the general rules of using color. Sometimes, even special effects can be obtained.

(to be continued)

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