UNFLEX Wired Flexo Machine

UNFLEX is the latest model of the 5th generation built on the company's REW, and is particularly suitable for the production of high-precision flexographic plates.

Washing machine

Unique mechanical trajectory, longitudinal movement of flexographic plate, transverse reciprocating motion of multiple sets of brushes, vertical and horizontal circular motion of four sets of roller brushes;
Solvents are divided into wash and wash types. Cycle spray, liquid temperature adjustable;
Brush pressure, dosage, flat brush, roller brush speed can be adjusted;
Eco-friendly design, room smell is very small.

Exposure machine

UNFLEX1500 The following format can be used to integrate the machine, exposure, debonding, drying are installed in the drawer, the overall sense of the machine strong, small footprint. UNFLEX1 500 or more format can be matched with SEA type lifting plate printer or RZB-l plate Printing Machine.
Philips UVA light source, imported vacuum cloth, vacuum tube.

Label Making Machine

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