Hueck invents metalized RFID antenna

In the development of RFID, the cost issue has always been a bottleneck restricting its popularity. Hueck invents a metalized RFID antenna to reduce costs: First, a polyester substrate is coated, and then only a micron or even thinner plating layer is plated on the desired area to form an RFID antenna. . Of course, the use of polyester chips instead of silicon chips is still in the process of research and development. In addition, there are also companies that propose printing methods to produce RFID antennas, which can also significantly reduce costs. Once such technology has achieved a substantial breakthrough, it is believed that the spring of RFID will soon come.

A laptop, often called a notebook or "notebook computer", is a small, portable personal computer with a "clamshell" form factor, an alphanumeric keyboard on the lower part of the "clamshell" and a thin LCD or LED computer screen on the upper portion, which is opened up to use the computer. Laptops are folded shut for transportation, and thus are suitable for mobile use. Although originally there was a distinction between laptops and notebooks, the former being bigger and heavier than the latter, as of 2014, there is often no longer any difference.Laptops are commonly used in a variety of settings, such as at work, in education, and for personal multimedia and home computer use.

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