The cigarette holder was successfully developed with water pine paper varnish

In recent years, the tipping paper has been greatly developed and innovated in terms of functions and uses. The use of tipping paper by tobacco plants is not limited to pure packaging, but also focuses on its decorative effect. For this reason, higher requirements are placed on the printing aesthetics of tipping paper. Because the tipping paper has direct and deep contact with the smoker, the printing ink and coating of the tipping paper must be non-toxic and meet the food hygiene requirements. To solve this problem, the Department of Printing and Packaging of Wuhan University used its own advantages to conduct in-depth research, and finally successfully developed a new type of germicidal varnish product that is healthy and environmentally friendly - cigarette tipping paper varnish.

The new environmental protection bactericidal varnish is to design efficient, broad-spectrum, low-toxic anti-mould fungicides into the varnish formulation, and to use its inhibitory system of the ester-like synthesis system so as to achieve the purpose of inhibiting microbial mold. The agent also has good stability and long potency; it has good compatibility, low volatility and easy dispersion; and it is colorless, odorless, non-corrosive, and adding to varnish does not affect product quality. After a new type of environmentally-friendly bactericidal varnish, printed products can be in close contact with the human body, not only does not affect the health of the human body, but also can be bactericidal to protect printed products from long-term use without microbial contamination.

The product is an alcohol-soluble varnish that is modified and compounded by a variety of imported resins. After being polished, the cork paper shows better gloss, smoothness and abrasion resistance, and has certain water resistance and wet strength, especially the features of hygienic non-toxicity, environmental protection and sterilization are fully in line with national food hygiene requirements. .

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