Three Olympic Snow Mountaineering Team Queer Mountain Climbing Plan(2005-7-12)

The Que'er Mountain is located in the northern section of the Sharuli Mountains in the southeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and is located in Dege County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province. The Tibetan language called “Cow Mauzao” means the mountain where the eagle cannot fly. Located at 99.1 degrees east longitude and 31.8 degrees north latitude, it is located in the southern part of Queershan. The main peak of the Que'er Mountain mountain is tall, the terrain is more and more complex, and the glaciers are well developed. Among them, the glaciers in the C1 to C2 sections are the most spectacular and beautiful, and the domestic peaks are second to none. Its main peak of 6,168 meters, surrounded by more than 20 5,000 meters above the peaks, even more stunning, magnificent, unexpected!
At the foot of the mountain is Yulong Lacoo (meaning: the gods are enamoured), Hai Zi’s water is green, and fish are clearly visible. There are many words on the lake's boulder that are carved by the Lama Lama. “Oh, what is it? Auntie” Colorful, Queershan has unique advantages. Animal and plant resources are provincial nature reserves.
Line Assessment Queershan's environmental climate is changeable and complex with abundant land resources. Into the mountain line can be seen on the foot of the mountain around the two huge ice tongue straight 4600 meters mountainside, the cold melting of the glacier melt down. In particular, the distance from C1 to the summit has a large number of ice walls, ice ditch and cliffs. Bright and dark ice cracks spread across the ice towers and snow bridges. It is difficult to climb. The snow is very thick and the mountains are rolling, which is very suitable for mountain climbing experience with a solid technical foundation. The course is close to Yulong Laochou Haizi, and the snow-capped mountains are majestic all the way.

Mountain climbing equipment personal essential items:
Plastic high mountain boots, crampons, long ice axes, seat belts, chrysanthemum rope, risers, 8 word loops, two main locks, two locks, helmets, snow mirrors, dao tools, headlights, 1200G down sleeping bag, moistureproof pad , Jackets, down jackets, wicking underwear, several socks, waterproof gloves 2 pairs, snow cover, backpacks over 65 liters, insulated kettles, a space cup (urine pot), sunscreen, sunscreen lipstick, personal medicine, cutlery.
Collaboration team common equipment:
Alpine tents, GPS, rope, pots, stoves, gas tanks, first aid kits, master ropes, rope sets, short ice axes, rock cones, ice cones, snow cones, cooking utensils, dao tools, walkie-talkies, video cameras and other equipment.
Food plan:
All food is provided and distributed by a team of collaborators and there are specialized mountain cooks at the base camp. (People with special tastes should bring some food.)

D1 Chengdu - Ya'an - Erlang Mountain - Kangding
D2 furnace Huo - Ganzi
D3 Manigango - Xinluhai - Bailulu Nature Reserve (Base Camp elevation 4300M)
D4 base camp adapts, rests, and exercises basic skills. (Collaborators send supplies to C1)
D5 BC (base camp) - C1 (4950M)
D6 C1 is an adaptive training full set of ice climbing technology, safety technology, rescue technology, and environmental knowledge.
D7 C1 - C2 (5350M)
D8 C2 - C3 (5750M)
D9 C3 - Crest (6168M) - C3
D10 C3 - C1
D11 C1 - Base Camp
D12 Base Camp - Ganzi
D13 Ganzi - Chengdu climbing route 4300 meters above sea level BC - gravel slope (30 slope) - canyon - two steps of 5 meters high - meadow, gravel slope (40-60 slope) - platform Snowline - C1 - Glaciers - Ice and snow steep slope (40-50 slope), random ice area - C2 - About 15 meters high sediment ice wall (60-80 degrees) - C3 - ice slope - slope An ice wall of 75 degrees and a height of about 50 meters - a ridge - peak notes (may experience sudden changes in the weather during the climb, arrange for a day or two to wait for good weather.)
1. To participate in Shanyou must have more than five kilometers of climbing experience and be skilled in using technical equipment.
2, please register team members to strengthen physical training in advance, the amount of activity should not be too large, but need to insist on running 2-3 kilometers a day.
3, closing the registration 10 days before the event.
Group A: Departure at 8:00 am on July 12;
Group B: starting at 8:00 am on July 25;
Activities cost 5600 yuan: starting with Chengdu - food and shelter - cooperation - technical training - mountaineering - back to Chengdu costs.

Yingshanyou to BC Sightseeing C1 Ice and snow training requirements for additional activities To meet the interests of Shanyou, friendship, fitness, time, and technical needs, special projects: To C1 ice and snow training, protection and rescue, ice peak environment and other technical combat, charges 4,000 yuan/person . Fees include: Chengdu to BC chartered fares, food and lodging, horses, tickets, and cooperation, the return can be their own arrangements. (from group A and group B respectively, starting from Chengdu)
Please register in advance. Location: Chengdu City.
Chengdu Tel 13088000777 Tsin 028-88846663 13088088852 Sula Wang Ping More information please visit: To go mountaineering. China Sanao Snow Mountain Collaboration Team Site Note The area involved in this event is at an altitude of 3000-6000M, pay attention to physical distribution and recovery. If there is any abnormality, please inform the leader in time so that appropriate measures can be taken in time. The minimum temperature in the activity area (night) is about minus 15 degrees. Please use suitable sleeping bags and cold clothes.
The applicant must be a person with good health, good physical condition, hard-working, and strong hands-on skills who have outdoor experience. Ask your doctor and check up before you leave. All conceal their own diseases, all the consequences.

1. Ability to respect scientific arrangements for mountaineering and team leader. All actions are based on the interests of the team. They must have a strong sense of teamwork, have good coordination and coordination capabilities, and be effective in completing the arrangements and orders of the leader.
The team will fully consider the safety of this event and adopt various safety protection measures. The team shall not be responsible for all consequences arising from unauthorized actions due to personal factors and accidents and injuries caused by irresistible natural factors.

2. When entering ethnic minority areas, please observe the customs of ethnic minorities; respect all customary things in your place and minimize the impact on the local area;

3. To protect the environment, the garbage should be taken with you (or handed over to the coordinator), and commemorative signs and other items should not be placed in the activity area. Protect wild animals and plants and do not kill or destroy them.

4. Due to environmental and conditional restrictions, it is inevitable that activities, such as eating, housing, transportation, etc., will inevitably be lacking. Although we will try our best to arrange matters in this regard, please understand.

5. Take good care of the public and other people's property and, if damaged, compensate according to the degree of damage;
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