Toyo brand silk screen printing ink performance and application two

6. SSPE series

The SSPE series is a two-component reactive ink that can be naturally dried or dried by heating. In a hot air circulation oven, the relationship between drying speed and temperature and residence time is as follows:

When drying at room temperature, the drying speed in winter is slow and the drying time must be increased accordingly. When the humidity in the air is high, the moisture in the air will cause the emulsification of the ink, resulting in poor curing, and it is preferable to perform heat drying.

This series of inks can be used for printing aluminum, stainless steel, glass, processing PP, PE and other materials. The cured ink film has excellent gloss, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, and flexibility.

This series of ink must be mixed with SSPE hardener before printing to achieve good results. The correct ratio of ink and desensitizer can get the best printing effect.

After the ink is mixed with hardener, it must be used within 3-4 hours. If you need to improve the ink film's water resistance, you can add about 3% of the SSPE water-resistant additives in the ink.

Comparison between SS16-000 series and SSPE series:

7. SSPPNK series

SSPPNK series is a volatile dry ink, suitable for untreated and treated polypropylene products, with excellent adhesion, good alcohol resistance.

This series of inks have poor oil resistance (animal and vegetable oils and mineral oils). If oil resistance is required, SS8-810 varnish can be used for varnish printing on the printed pattern.

It should be noted that in order to improve its overall performance, some polypropylene products incorporate a certain amount of polyethylene to copolymerize with it, which has a certain adverse effect on its adhesion. Therefore, a trial must be performed before printing to determine if the ink is available.

8. SSAP Series, SSNYH Series, SSNYG Series

SSAP series, SSNYH series, SSNYG series are suitable for the printing of nylon cloth and Oxford cloth. SSAP series is suitable for ordinary nylon cloth and oxford cloth; SSNYH series and SSNYG series can also be used for waterproof nylon cloth with excellent adhesion. The three inks are compared as follows:

SSNYH series and SSNYG series can be used in common nylon cloth and oxford cloth, and can be used in single-component mode, that is, the ink is directly used for printing after diluting with a thinner; when used for waterproof nylon cloth, ink must be added fairly. The SSUB-100B additive or SSUR-150B additive in 3-15% by weight of ink (SSNYH series) or 5% (SSNYG series) to increase the adhesion of the ink to the substrate.

Note: 1 Use ink within 8 hours after mixing with additives.
2 Use SSUR-1000B additive ink film slightly harder; use SSUR-150B additive ink film slightly softer.

(to be continued)

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