Corrugated cardboard line to reduce the loss of paper effective way

It is well-known that the corrugated paperboard line is manufactured by a single-faced corrugating machine to produce corrugated and adhesively bonded single-faced corrugated cardboard. After passing through the bridge, it is sent to the sizing machine for coating the rubber-coated composite paper, and then enters the dryer for drying. Pressure lines, slitting, and cross cutting are required to make the box board.

Obviously, the cause of the waste of raw paper, the reasons for the low yield of paperboard mainly appear in several key processes such as single-sided machines, conveyor bridges, glue compounding, drying, and vertical and horizontal cutting. The following is a discussion of the author's opinions on common problems and handling methods in practical operations.

First, single-faced corrugating machine

A. After the single-sided machine is turned on, the original paper is input, and the corrugated paper and the paper are not evenly attached.

The first is the skew of the output paper, and the acceleration of the speed can be positive.

Followed by, in the same side of the line with the corrugated paper roll on the same line. The "three points and one line method" can be used to solve. That is to say, there is a point on the surface of the preheater cylinder of the corrugating machine or the corrugated paper. After the machine is turned on, there is no paper on the shaft support, and the button on the shaft support is moved at the end of the paper or paper, and the left and right adjustments are performed visually until the tile is reached. , paper edge and set point in three lines.

B. The base paper is cracked by a preheater, causing a paper break.

First, consider the paper to reduce the warm-up area. When joints are present, manually pulling the base paper or assisting in the direction of rotation of the base paper to reduce the mechanical tension can be avoided.

C. When the tile and the liner paper are inspected by the manufacturer, a small palm-sized mouth is torn in the roll, and the corrugated cardboard after inputting the corrugator is not used. Prepare slightly larger than the slap in the boot, corrugated paper (color, weight / M2 to be the same as the corrugated paper), the paper has a gap to take the paper, the nappy gap to take the wavy paper, pick up a small glue liquid glue Into the corrugated machine before the base paper into the gap on both sides of the stick can be. Action must be quick, accurate, timely, and safe.

D. After the production quantity is satisfied, there are surplus paper ends, and there are many sides on the side of the paper and paper.

Normally, it is not necessary to cut off until you use a small amount of base paper and then shut down. When you shut down, you must use a knife to cut the base paper neatly. Excess single-sided corrugated paperboard, when the next production uses the same, the same quality of the base paper, in the transfer bridge and the new single-sided corrugated cardboard adhesive use.

In addition, it is true that there are surplus paper heads for parking because they can be manually rewinded onto large rolls of the same specifications and quality.

E. Try to avoid frequent start-ups, which can effectively prevent paper and tile from sticking.

Second, transport bridge

A. There are too many piles of single-sided board on the bridge, and the speed of the dryer is too fast or it suddenly breaks and then the adhesion is not firm.

Bridge operators should pay attention to the constant speed of the dryer to increase the speed, not too fast to start. Bonding broken ends, the upper lapped surface should follow the running direction of the paperboard, and the joints must not be stopped. At the same time, note that the stacking capacity of single-sided corrugated cardboard should not exceed one-third of the length of the bridge.

B. When the width of the corrugated paper in one-sided corrugated board is inconsistent, the paper-gripper which is controlled to go is scraped.

When the width of the paper is wide, the two clips of the gripper should be adjusted to be slightly smaller than the width of the corrugated paper; if the width of the liner is wide, the portion wider than the corrugated paper is trimmed in front of the gripper.

C. After the dryer is turned on, the single-layer cardboard on each layer is not aligned.

Before the dryer is turned on, the single-sided cardboard holder of each layer shall be moved 2-3cm away according to the size of the side slitter knife.

Third, glue compound

A. At the request of the customer, ordinary cardboard is used as the paper. After the preheater, the base paper becomes brittle, and the paper is cut into the dryer. Decrease the surface paper force, or manually assist in rotating the web until it is normal.

B. Into the dryer behind the paper and single-sided cardboard edge is not uniform, the emergency production of paper is not the same width.
In the first operation, each layer of paper edge and paper head align can be sent to the dryer. When the misfeeds are made, the speed of the drying machine can be speeded up. However, the missing part has constituted waste. Whether the width of the face paper is wider or narrower than that of the single-faced corrugated board, it must be on one side.

Furthermore, if the edge of the paper roll is not on a vertical line with the folder of the paper gripper, even if the raw paper edge and the paper head are aligned and sent to the dryer, the running distance will be uneven. In order to solve this problem, we may wish to advance from the side of the conveyor bridge folder to the top of the paper-free bracket and 0.5 cm from the web. It is advisable to jog the button on the axle-less bracket. The edge of the paper is perpendicular to the pendant.

Fourth, the dryer

A. The drying time caused by the dryer for too long caused a large area of ​​cardboard to open the plastic, especially the three-layer board.
Do not stop in production as much as possible, really need to stop, the operator predicts the parking time according to the situation, if not for a short time (five-story board more than two minutes, three-board more than half a minute) to stop, you should cut off the layers of paper in the gluing machine, will Cardboard opened bake.

B. Dryer belt deviation, cardboard edge open glue, poor adhesion.

Adjust the rectification handwheel; detect unqualified paperboard hand-bonded during stacking.

C. Dryer drying temperature is too high, cardboard degumming broken, more common in three cardboard, crisp paper inside.
Increase the speed of the dryer, and at the same time, reduce the amount of steam, and notify the gluing machine to increase the amount of glue.

Fifth, pressure line, vertical and horizontal cut

A. The pressure roller breaks the inside and the surface paper; the pressure line exceeds the allowable error.

Depending on the paper and board dry humidity, the pressure line depth can be adjusted flexibly. It is advisable that the indentation of the paper inside is clear and not cracked. In addition to the dimensional error, the concave wheel under the pressure roller is deflected and corrected.

B. Adjusting the trimming is not timely, resulting in the lack of material and dew on the board. Commonly, the sum of the two trimming edges is less than one centimeter.
The slitter left and right moving device should be adjusted in time, and if necessary, the conveyor bridge can be notified to adjust the gripper leftwards or rightwards.

C. The crosscutting knife is blunt and the imported kraft linerboard is easy to tear cross sections.

The new knife should be polished or replaced in time; the knife on the bottom must not be too tight to avoid injury.
In addition to eradicating the above problems, the paper size is used rationally according to the size of the paperboard produced. The paperboard trimming edge is controlled within 0.5-2cm. It is ingeniously matched with the production. It is accurate and timely to handle faulty paper diseases. In the case of impact on quality, we will not use repair and utilization and eliminate human waste. As a result, you will find an effective way to reduce paper loss and improve the yield of cardboard.

Release: Chongqing Packaging Technology Association

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