Blister Packaging Innovations - Wallet Packaging

Harro Holiger's user-friendly pharmaceutical packaging integrates blister packs, instructions, etc. onto cardboard to create a novel and unique wallet-like structure. It was originally used as a contraceptive and is currently used in the United States as a replacement for the widely used miniature vials and cartons. The wallet package can enhance the safety and efficacy of medication: the time and date of medication can be marked on the cardboard next to the medicine to ensure that the patient takes the medicine on time, and you never have to worry about losing the manual. The use of hot-melt adhesives or heat-sealing technology for packaging has played a good role in the protection of drugs, children are not easy to open and eat. This package also integrates self-diagnosis test strips, user instructions, guidance systems for help, and response cards with prize contests and customer feedback. The package can also be used to provide anti-counterfeiting, stickers, or rewiring. Tags and other functions.

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