China developed into nano-polypropylene composites

Chinese researchers successfully grafted nanomaterials with polypropylene and developed nano-polypropylene composites.

This kind of nano-polypropylene product based on injection molding grade plastics maintains its original rigidity and greatly improves its toughness. It is the first in China. According to researchers, different types of nanomaterials can be grafted with almost all grades of polypropylene to produce nanocomposites with various excellent properties, thereby greatly improving the quality of polypropylene and broadening the application of polypropylene products.

Nanomaterials and their technologies are emerging applications that have evolved with the development of science and technology in the last 10 years. Nanoparticles are only 1 to 100 nanometers in size, and they have quantum effects, volume effects, etc. that make them have different light than conventional materials. , electricity, magnetic, force and other characteristics and performance. The nano-composites formed by nano-materials and other materials have been further optimized for the performance of traditional materials.

The nano-polypropylene composite material successfully developed in our country is based on the addition of nano-materials to the polypropylene base material to change its aggregation state and crystal morphology, thereby giving it new properties. This nano-composite polypropylene overcomes the incompatibility of the rigidity and toughness of traditional materials. It is hard and not easy to break into bags made of this material. It can be used as an alternative to high-quality plastics and steel. .

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