Quality of each process in printing

Undertaking books and magazines, packaging and decoration of goods, and barcode printing, require employees from the production department, the design studio, and the plate-making offset printing shop to devote themselves to learning the relevant knowledge of bar codes and to read the national standards of bar codes. It is necessary to consider:
1, the bar code meets the scanning requirements;
2, the requirements of the printing process;
3, books, trademarks, design intent requirements.
Strictly control the entry and exit of raw and auxiliary materials, unqualified paper and ink may not be put into the warehouse. Give the quality inspection staff certain powers, special person is responsible for the quality of bar code printing, and improve the rules and regulations for printing procedures, and immediately send bar code printing products to technical supervision and standard measurement departments.
The negative or positive bar code film brought by the customer from the technical supervision and standard measurement department must have the correct exposure time and development time when copying the photographic plate. In particular, the exposure should not be excessive, and the bar code film that is exposed to overdose will become false and swollen. There are errors.
For the standard size bar code symbol original film, the allowable error value of the strip width is 0.005 mm, and the allowable error of the barcode character is 10.013 mm. The printing company cannot arbitrarily enlarge and reduce the bar code original film, and there are some trademarks and bar codes in the cover of the publisher’s books and periodicals. It is best not to copy, you can directly use the bar code original film into the book cover, trademark decoration products try not to copy, direct spelling in, can reduce the error in the copy process to ensure the accuracy of the bar code. If you need to copy a trademark, you must have the right exposure and development time.

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