The trend of stickers (on)

Since about the 1930s, self-adhesive materials have been used as substrates for label printing. Today, it has become self-contained and has become more and more specialized, becoming an important part of the packaging and printing industry. Compared with traditional labels, stickers have the following features.
1) No glue and paste are needed for pasting, and the bottom paper can be removed.
2) Both manual labeling and mechanical automatic labeling can be used.
3) Suitable for various occasions, and the labeling is convenient and quick, which greatly saves time and labor, reduces costs, and improves efficiency. Reduce pollution.
In the following, we will talk about the view of the domestic adhesive label printing market and our accumulated experience in label printing.
Label printing industry is maturing
In China, sticker printing started from about the end of the 1970s, and the earliest start was in Guangdong. In Tianjin and other coastal cities, the initial equipment and process technologies were mainly imported from Japan. In the mid-1990s, label printing began to spread nationwide. The printing process, equipment performance, and diversification of materials have become more and more mature. Especially in recent years, adhesive label printing has suddenly become one New stocks. One of the main reasons for its rapid growth is that some Japanese and Southeast Asian manufacturers are optimistic about China's vast market and have invested and put into production.
In addition, some state-owned printing factories and private printing companies in China are also optimistic about the high profits brought about by adhesive printing, and have turned to production and put into production. In the period from 1996 to 2000, the net profit of sticker printing was usually between 18% and 22%. For example, in 2000, the annual sales of a label printing plant were around 20 million yuan, the annual net profit was about 4 million yuan, and the monthly net profit was between 350,000 and 400,000 yuan; the other company did not do it. The annual sales of plastic label printing factories are about 46 million yuan, and the annual net profit is more than 750 million yuan. In addition, some label printing plants mainly based on film materials have higher added value due to their label products. The profit gained is higher.
In 2001, the government liberalized the policy of foreign-invested label printing, and the market competition became increasingly fierce. This led to price wars in the label industry. Even so, the profitability of general label printing factories can also be improved. Stay at 10% to 15%. The main reason for the price war is that manufacturers have exponentially increased. While the market for adhesive labels has grown at different rates, its growth rate is not directly proportional to the production and processing capacity. In the past 20 years or so, the number of self-adhesive label printing companies in China has increased by nearly 10 times. The increase in enterprises has promoted the development of the industry, but it has also accelerated competition in the industry.
The public companies have already seen an indisputable fact: China's adhesive label printing market is extremely vast. Some relevant statistics can illustrate this point: In some developed countries in Europe and America, the average annual consumption of self-adhesive materials is about 10m2, and China's average annual consumption of self-adhesive materials is less than 1m2. On the one hand, there is a vast market space, while on the other, it is increasingly fierce competition. The reason for this dissonance is that supply exceeds demand. The label printing industry is currently "overheated". In fact, there are too many manufacturers involved in the sticker printing industry, and its production and processing capacity is too large. However, although the market space is large, it is still only a potential space. At present, due to the constraints of all aspects, it cannot be greatly expanded. The domestic adhesive label printing industry is gradually becoming mature in the process of “polished” and self-adhesive label printing products are shifting from middle to low to medium-to-high grade.
In order to adapt to this conversion, each manufacturer is committed to the following aspects of adjustment 1) In the process and design, the printing pattern from monochrome to multi-color conversion, simple color blocks, lines, text to the screen color printing The direction of development, and strive to show the rich and beautiful label screen.
2) In the use of materials, the development will be mainly from paper to film and specialty materials, which will not only make the printed labels more exquisite, but also improve the water and moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, and wear resistance of the labels. , tear resistance and so on. (To be continued)

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