Overview of the Development of New Materials (2001)

Material science is a discipline with great advantages in various fields of natural sciences in China. According to the statistics of citations published by the Institute of Scientific Intelligence (ISI) from February 1991 to February 2001, China has only ranked in the fields of materials science and mathematics. Within the top 10 of the world, ranking according to the number of international papers, China surpassed Russia in 1999 and continued to be the eighth in the world in 2000. The number of papers for materials science ranks fourth among all disciplines in China. In view of China's achievements in materials science, the internationally renowned Wiley Publishing Company organized and published the "Advanced Materials" Chinese album for the first time in 2001, highlighting the outstanding achievements in the field of material science research in China.
The National Natural Science Foundation is one of the main channels for the Chinese government to fund the basic research of basic sciences and applied basic research. In recent years, the amount of state funding has increased. In 2000, the National Natural Science Foundation of China had a total of 1.266 billion yuan. In 2001, it was 1.566 billion yuan. According to statistics, the funding for materials science accounts for approximately 8%-10% of the total funding for the National Natural Science Foundation of China. . From the perspective of the Natural Science Foundation of China, China has made rapid progress in the fields of nanomaterials, photoelectric materials, energy materials, and intermetallic compounds. Of the 18 papers published on the "Advanc ed Materials" China album, 16 have been funded by the National Natural Science Foundation.
In the new material field of the National High-Tech Research and Development Program (ie, the 863 Program), the strategic objectives and tasks of the first phase (1987-2000) of the 863 Plan were fully realized in 2000, and the National Acceptance Test was passed in early 2001. In the field of new materials, a total of 552 results were achieved, 712 patents were filed, 233 awards were awarded, and 12,165 articles were published. Through the implementation of the 863 Plan, China's new material research and development level has reached a new level: opened a new batch of new material research areas; consolidated existing advantages, developed Chinese characteristics; and broke through a number of key technologies for related fields. And providing a number of key new materials for national defense construction; promoted the demonstration of major achievements in transformation and industrialization; promoted the commercialization and industrialization of results; and a number of new materials have been applied in industry or have begun to form industries and promote related The development of the industry has produced significant economic benefits. The "Tenth Five-Year" 863 Plan was officially launched in the second half of 2001.
The technological innovation fund for small and medium-sized SMEs (hereinafter referred to as the "innovation fund") launched during the Ninth Five-Year Plan period has a high degree of technological innovation and a promising market prospect in the field of new materials and is expected to become a new economic growth point or a national economy. Development of urgently needed supporting new material development and industrialization projects. We will focus on the development of new materials and industrialization of new products in the areas of electronic information, communications, biomedicine, aerospace, petrochemicals, environmental protection, mechatronics, and transportation. In 2000, the Innovation Fund supported a total of 152 projects in the field of new materials, and about 45% of the projects were linked to other countries' planned projects (such as the Tackling Plan and the 863 Plan). When the project is completed, it is expected to realize sales of 4.999 billion yuan, profits and taxes of 1.596 billion yuan, export earnings of US$121 million, and employment of 13.8 million people. Many projects with independent intellectual property rights in China have been supported by innovation funds, and many potential SMEs will develop rapidly.
Since its implementation in 1988, the Torch Program has been market-oriented and is committed to promoting the commercialization, industrialization, and internationalization of high-tech achievements in China. Its main task is to build high-tech industrial development zones and organize the implementation of the Torch Program project. In 2000 and 2001, the number of projects in the national-level Torch Program project for new materials was 273 and 363 respectively. In 2000, sales revenue of new products in the National Torch Program was 17.833 billion yuan, and foreign exchange earned was 399.9 million US dollars; the national high-tech industry The annual sales revenue of products in the development zone's new materials area was RMB 67.679 billion, which earned foreign exchange of $ 882.9 million. A large number of high-tech achievements have entered the market and have been transformed into productive forces. New economic growth points have been formed. At the same time, many companies have used high-tech to transform traditional industries during the implementation of the Torch Program, which has effectively promoted China's product structure and industrial structure. The adjustments have produced positive demonstrations and leading roles in the development of high-tech industries throughout the country.

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