Japan developed a polyurethane coating composite waterproof construction method

In order to meet the needs of urban roof waterproofing projects, Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. of Japan developed a waterproof construction method of polyurethane coating film in August 2003. It is called the “Urban Roof HVSI Method” and is used in the renovation project of the middle school in Tokyo.
The waterproof construction method is to paste a layer of air-permeable cushion sheet on the roof surface, which is a kind of special film with water resistance, not only has the function of ventilation and waterproof fracture, but also has waterproof property, and is called as HVS sheet material. Then, the liquid polyurethane resin is further coated on the sheet to form a double-layer waterproof function of the sheet layer and the polyurethane layer. This method can be easily applied to roofs with complex shapes compared to waterproofing with bituminous water and rubber sheets.

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