Exquisite tea set space

For many people, tea and coffee are not just simple thirst quenching drinks, it is a beautiful connection in life. People who pay attention to the quality of living in the room, the collection of coffee cups and various tea sets is another way to decorate the space. In general

Research progress of vitamin D and tumor-related diseas…

For decades, research on vitamin D has focused on the regulation of calcium and phosphorus metabolism. In recent years, vitamin D has been shown to have a wider range of biological effects, including inhibiting the proliferation of many types of cells, inducing apoptosis and differentiation, and r

The new second ring stringed up the Chengdu home busine…

The second ring road, which will be opened to traffic, can meet the demand for capacity growth of Chengdu city to a certain extent, and also activate the urban development and construction around the ring line, and promote the expansion and integration of the business circle, which is spread across

QQ soft candy villain handmade

Little boy and little girl Handmade materials: toothpicks, QQ sugar, hair root An Infrared Thermometer's advantage against a conventional probe thermometer is speed and the fact that it is non-contact; but keep in mind an infrared thermometer only measures the sur

21 home furnishing companies get together IPO

At present, A-share listed home-based enterprises are mostly concentrated in the traditional home textile, kitchen, home, building materials fields, but home is a imaginative concept, especially in the modern consumer system, its potential market capacity, causing major Home furnishing companies ar

Spot human Leptospira antibody IgGELISA detection kit

Human Leptospira antibody IgGELISA detection kit This reagent is for research use only Specimen: Serum or plasma Test principle: Lebtospira-IgM kit is a solid-phase sandwich method enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Known Lebtospira-IgM concentration standard The samples with unknown concent

Outdoor classroom: How to prevent feet from hiking for …

The formation of foot vesicles is due to the softening of the sweaty epidermis on the soles of the feet, the formation of fluids and the formation of exudation of local tissue fluids due to prolonged effort and friction in the soles of the feet; it is often associated with footwear and socks, unev