Rock Climbing and Extreme Programming (XP)

Rock Climbing and Extreme Programming Ye Yongqing IT department, Europeloan Bank Gulledelle 92 1200 Brussels, Belgium +32 2 4020120 Yongqing. Translation: Liu Ye Thursday, July 25, 2002 Summary This article describes the implementation of XP by rock climbing. The author found that many o

METHOCEL develops new materials for organic semiconduct…

American Xerox announced on December 4 that researchers of the company have newly developed an organic semiconductor material that is expected to be used in the manufacture of new electronic devices such as plastic transistors. The company’s press release stated that testing has shown that

New Technology of PE and PVC Resistant to Nuclear Radia…

The Institute of Radiation Shielding Technology in the Miami area of ​​the US claimed that they have developed a new technology for modified polyethylene (PE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The modified polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride have anti-nuclear properties. Radiation capaci

New technology that allows water-absorbing polypropylen…

Professor Kanazawa from the University of Fukushima in Japan recently developed a new technology that allows water-repellent polypropylene (PP) to absorb water and can be used to make low-polluting household items. Polypropylene is a kind of synthetic material with a large amount of daily product

Capture new business opportunities from green marketing

In the wave of “green action” with the theme of protecting the human ecological environment globally, consumers are gradually realizing that their quality of life and their way of life have been affected by the deterioration of the environment. The growing desire for green consumption