French perfume packaging highlights (14)

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Film coating technology analysis

Composite strength Refers to the adhesive fastness between the plastic film and the paper (board) print in the film product, and its size depends on the adhesive force between the plastic film, the paper (board) print and the adhesive (or hot melt adhesive). When laminating, the adhesive force is

Second-generation ID card printing

Following the successful cooperation with the first batch of pilot cities for the replacement of second-generation resident ID cards, the reporter recently learned that the HP Indigo press S2000 digital system was used in the second-generation resident ID card Printing machine project of Jilin Pro

Printing process will bring more flexibility to product…

Philips is a world-renowned manufacturer of light bulbs and light tubes. It supplies millions of products each year in the European market. To meet the diverse needs of markets around the world and in different markets, different product codes, different customer trademarks and Other market inform

Shandong Jinghua Group develops pottery-like glass bott…

China's Shandong Jinghua Group developed pottery-like glass bottles that have obvious advantages over traditional bottle-packed ceramic bottles. Glass materials for inner tubes and ceramic materials for exteriors completely overcome the leakage problem of ceramic packaged wines, and bottle cap

French perfume packaging highlights (3)

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New Polyurethane Foam Degrades Fast

Not long ago, a new type of carbon dioxide-producing polyurethane (PU) foam technology passed the appraisal organized by the State Environmental Protection Administration. This product is used as a buffer packaging material and can be completely biodegraded after disposal. The technology was devel