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Observation of Cloud PPT (Science Edition Science Grade…

Observation of Clouds One of the PPT courseware (grade 4 of the science edition of science textbooks) is a visible polymer composed of thousands of small water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. The formation, shape, quantity, distribution, and evolution of clouds not only reflect

Health Tips: 10 “Health Killers” in the kitchen

The cooking of various foods is inseparable from the kitchen, but the kitchen may be in danger. Listed the “health killers” in 10 kitchens. Pan (Danger Level: Level 5) It is most dangerous to catch a fire in a pan. The pan without pan is the most dangerous. It is best to use a deeper

The three main reasons leading to the need for color se…

The yellow, magenta, cyan, and black printing sequences used in traditional printing processes are because the yellow ink was the most opaque at the time and the hiding power was so strong that it was necessary to print the yellow ink first, otherwise it would produce a great deal of overprinting.

"Shenqi" carrying space materials unsealed to…

By comparing the results of the ground simulation test, Researcher Liu Weimin, director of the Lanzhou Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and director of the State Key Laboratory of Solid Lubrication said that after the space experiment, visual observation has revealed that two t

Paperless recorder repair knowledge

Paperless recorders are at a critical historical turning point. Paperless technologies such as data acquisition systems and paperless recorders are challenging existing data acquisition methods. The recorder for the task can capture and display the process flow data and then store it in an electro