Corrugated cardboard line to reduce the loss of paper e…

It is well-known that the corrugated paperboard line is manufactured by a single-faced corrugating machine to produce corrugated and adhesively bonded single-faced corrugated cardboard. After passing through the bridge, it is sent to the sizing machine for coating the rubber-coated composite paper

Liquid medicine packaging plastic soft bag

Initially, intravenous (IV) solutions were packaged primarily in glass bottles. However, glass bottles have now been replaced by plastic bottles. At present, plastic soft bags based on polyolefins are the most commonly used intravenous solution packaging materials in Japan. The main reasons includ

Precautions for the use of spot color inks in color pri…

In color printing, due to overprinting problems and ink-ink balance control problems, spot color ink printing is often used. It not only solves overprinting problems in printing, but also meets the quality requirements of innovative designs, and prints in the middle of the market. It's easier

Taiwan Packaging Star Award Works Selection (18)

It's made of mild steel, can be welded directly. First make the sand mold, then melting the raw material and pouring it to the ready sand mold, after it get solidification, we got the product we want, after that is to polishing the product edges to smooth and use the sand blasting machine to s

Japan developed a new moisture-absorbing plastic packag…

A Japanese packaging company recently developed a new one-time-use moisture-absorbing and fresh-keeping plastic packaging film. It is composed of two translucent nylon membranes with strong water permeability, and is filled with natural paste and high osmolarity sugar syrup between the membranes.

Translucent throat tablet box brings anger to cold medi…

The new Halls Max lozenges made by Cadbury Adams of New Jersey, USA, used a unique translucent PVC box to attract people's attention. The color of the outer packaging is quite eye-catching. The mint taste is blue, and the cherry taste is red. The 18-piece plastic box shimmers, giving people a

B-5 plate type high barrier film

The B-5 plate type high barrier film is designed for the horizontal form filling and sealing machine. It is suitable for all kinds of large hams, turkey breasts and processed meats. There are many options in shape and size. It is said that this kind of film can realize balanced shrinkage, so it ca