Non-PVC soft plastic infusion bag

   At present , the global production volume of large infusion drugs is about 12 billion bottles, and China's output is 3 billion bottles, accounting for about one-fourth of the world's total output. It is a large producer of large infusion medicines. In the past 10 years, the

Analysis of Liquor Soft Packaging Printing

Liquor, whether it's history or culture, goes back to ancient times. Since ancient times, the packaging of liquor cannot be separated from containers such as ceramics, glass, and clay jars. They have little permeability. Good sealing. Strong corrosion resistance, long-term storage of white win

Curry box

Material: 250g/m2 Whiteboard Box Size: 150×73×22mm Curry packaging box box structure: left and right are mouth shape, both sides stick together. After the printing and die-cutting in the packaging production plant, the box is folded and glued using a folder-gluer and packaged and sent to

Silk Screen Printing Rickets Analysis

14. Wrinkle and lack of flowers The wrinkled part of the Printed Fabric is incomplete. Reasons: 1 The fabric before printing has serious wrinkles. When the fabric is applied on the printing table, the folded wrinkles are not spread flatly, and the printed wrinkle-wrapped portions cannot be print

KURARISTERTM ColophonyTM - Transparent High-Temperature…

summary normal> In order to meet the market demand, Kuraray Company of Japan developed a transparent barrier packaging retort films - KURARISTER TM Coke Li Site TM. This product has excellent high temperature cooking and gas barrier properties, as well as high transparency similar to PET. The

Reasons for paper wrinkling during offset printing

Mechanical reasons 1. Uneven pressure in the paper transfer table's platen roller. The paper is subjected to axial force during the transfer process, causing the paper to bulge in the middle at the front specified position and forming creases after imprinting. 2. Impression roller clamping gr

Using benzene-free ink to protect food safety

The problem of over-standard benzene and heavy metal residues in the inks of the packaging printing process is an important factor affecting the safety of food packaging. At present, benzene solvents are commonly used as solvents for printing inks and adhesives in China's flexible packaging in