Vogels introduces new Reflex monochrome flexographic pr…

Vogels introduces the new Reflex monochrome flexo printing press with automatic registering capabilities. Reflex's webs are 250mm, 330mm, and 430mm wide and are designed specifically for the production of blank labels, flooded labels, laser paper, and various monochrome flexo products printed

Beauchamp Packaging Design Works Appreciation (15)

This category includes all kinds of silicone case for Nintendo 3DS. They vary from different color, graphic and processing technology. we are a professional and leader Chinese exporter of Silicone PS4 controller case,Customization options can provide the perfect complete solutio


OnCap thermoplastic additives for the health and beauty packaging industry include nucleating agents, PlastOne concentrates, slip agents and UV absorbers, and inhibitors. The company stated that these concentrated additives improve the performance of thermoplastics, improve production efficiency,

Blanket roller for gravure printing machine

【Patent name】 Blanket cylinder for gravure printing machine 【Applicant】 Kaba-Jolly Co., Ltd. [Inventor] J.G. Schneider 【Main Applicant Address】 Lausanne, Switzerland 【Application No.】 200480003490.5 【 Application Date 】 2004.02.03

MSR "Red Pig" WIND 2 test version evaluation …

The test version of the "Red Pig" WIND 2 just got a momentary curiosity, and he found a place to watch. Long, it is long, spread two pieces of cloth pig nose is still outside ~ ~ ~ ~ but it is still not troublesome to take it up, first inside and outside the account is sewn together, se

Sensing Symbols in Modern Product Design (below)

However, in many cases, the designer’s intention cannot be properly understood by the user. The design does not provide the user with accurate perception. The expressed meaning is inconsistent with the operation function, which leads to incorrect identification and operation. This “mi

High-density polyethylene grafted acrylic material and …

Patent Name A High Density Polyethylene Grafted Acrylic Material and Its Preparation Method Patent Applicant Zhejiang University Principal Applicant Address 310027 Zheda Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province Inventor Fang Zhengping; Xu Yuzhen; Yan Lifang Application (Patent) No. 20