Prepress Image Formatting Terms (3)

4.23 halftone, screen tone The tone of the picture represented by the dot size. 4.24 halftone positive picture The shades of the positive image of the screen image are represented by dot size. 4.25 halftone negative halftone Use the dot size to display the dark negative of the picture image.

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Research on Key Technologies of Packaging Container Tra…

3. The establishment of finite element model for packaging containers 3.1 Packaging Container Component Grid Model Figure 2 shows the assembly of the packaging container. First of all, the grid of each part of the packaging container is discretized, and the appropriate unit type and density are

Study on Modification of Polyvinyl Acetate Copolymer Ad…

3 solvent selection Solvents are a must for most adhesives and coatings, and they are also responsible for the toxicity of these products. When the organic benzene system is selected as the main solvent, toxic and odorous gases are released during production and construction: the process even aft

Hueck invents metalized RFID antenna

In the development of RFID, the cost issue has always been a bottleneck restricting its popularity. Hueck invents a metalized RFID antenna to reduce costs: First, a polyester substrate is coated, and then only a micron or even thinner plating layer is plated on the desired area to form an RFID ant

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Ultraviolet Ink Technology from Theory to Practical Ext…

Since the 1970s, UV-curable inks and coatings have been used in commercial printing processes, but this technology can be traced back to the early 20th century. In fact, scientists have long known that UV radiation can promote chemical reactions. For example, the success of silver halide photograp