Causes of withered fresh flowers and…

In the narrow sense, fresh cut flowers are cut from stems and leaves of cut flowers and used to make ornamental flowers such as bouquets, blue flowers, rosettes, vases, corsages, etc. In a broad sense, Cut ornamental wild ornamental plants, such as flower branches, fruit branches, stems and leaves

Overlapping Colors in Flexographic P…

The interaction of the ink system (at the end of the article) To achieve the saturation of certain colors in the Munsell Color Atlas, high-strength inks must be used. The inks used in this study were produced by different manufacturers and their properties (results measured with a spectrophotomete

Boka launches full-recycled office p…

On April 19th, Boise Cascade released Earth Day 2002 special products. The Pocard solution will provide a new full-recycled office paper. This new type of office paper, called Aspen(TM) 100, is produced at the Poka Company's International Falls, Minnesota plant. The paper uses chlorine-free p

Fruit bag paper new technology

At present, the production of fruit paper for cultivation is mostly based on commercial wood pulp. Recently, due to the increase in the price of wood pulp, the burden on paper mills has increased. The Chinese Pulp and Paper Industry researched that the new process recipes (including apple bag pape

Section 2 Optical Ink - 3

(4) Photo-curable linking materials Photo-curable linking materials are mainly composed of photo-curable resin or prepolymer, cross-linking agent (single cross-linking agent or prepolymer cross-linking agent), photosensitizer and polymerization inhibitor. . 1. Photocurable resin or prepolymer Pho

How to correctly assemble a large ga…

Many people do not understand the manual after purchasing a large metal galvanized chicken coop. One of the important reasons is that the manual is not clear enough. As a result, customers do not know how to assemble a large chicken cage. Here we show you 3x3x1.75m galvanized ch

Explosive safety cans

The Russian Institute of Applied Physics in Novosibirsk has developed a safe canister designed to contain suspicious explosives that can withstand the high temperatures and pressures generated during explosions. The safety tank named "Grot-250" is made of a high-strength aluminum-based a