Digital Printing Features and Application Reasons

What is digital printing Digital printing is another printing method that is completely different from traditional printing. Although today's traditional offset printing has reached a high level both in terms of printing speed and printing quality, it is highly efficient in information transm

Flint Group Launches New Products for Flexible Packagin…

Flint Group will launch its high performance flexible packaging system at FTA INFO*FLEX 2006. Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the company is a combination of XSYS Print Solutions in Europe and Flint Ink Corporation in the United States. At the exhibition, people will learn about Flint Group&

Common Printing Faults and Solutions for Offset Printin…

Abstract: From the ink point of view, the common faults in the offset printing process and their solutions are described. Keywords: ink, offset printing, printing failure The various failures that occur in the printing process are, in general, seldom caused by a single factor, and are often caus

Gravure Printing Plate Failure Analysis and Trouble Sho…

Fourth, the phenomenon of color deviation of printed products There are also many factors that cause the left and right chromatic aberration of the printed product. For example, the pressure of the left and right rubber rollers is not uniform, the left and right scrapers are not leveled, and the

Nano-tech in paper

We know that paper is the most commonly used substrate in printing, and its quality is the best embodiment of print quality. As the fiber used for traditional paper such as trees, bamboo, and hemp is thick, the particles of coatings (such as calcium carbonate, etc.), fillers (such as kaolin, etc.)

Engraved and Shadow Edition Mixed Overprint

The engraving and photocopying editions have their own advantages and disadvantages. Using the method of mixed overprinting of engraving and photocopying, the advantages of these two printing methods are fully utilized and played, and the two complement each other and compensate each other, so as

Shrinkable PETG label film

The range of New Pentaprint® 45-micron PETG-series shrinkable label films for label change has been extended to the current Pentaprint 45-micron OT E746/91 shrink film as well as the overall sleeve label, bottle cap, and concealed Tape and Cartridge OT E749/50 High standard PETG shrink label fi